Plan Your Trip to Target Field

Target Field

Capacity: 41,900     Opened: 2001


Did someone say Twins? Double your pleasure, double your fun if you’re lucky you’ll see a home run at Target Field.

What makes this stadium unique?

Target Field looks very futuristic from the outside due to the steel canopy surrounding upper deck and limestone facade. Behind Gate 34 in right field is Target Plaza which features statues of former players and owners as well as a “Golden Glove” that commemorates all Twins players to win the award. The glove is a popular photo op for fans. Along the wall facing the ballpark is a wind veil that makes waves and lights up at night. In front are nine topiary baseball bats that light up red to denote the current inning during the game. Fans can’t miss the “Minnie and Paul” logo that stands in center field. The strobe lights around the logo light up corresponding to the play on the field. The best celebration is after a Twins’ home run when Minnie and Paul shake hands, the Mississippi River flows, and the lights all flash.

Dining and Nightlife

  1. The Brothers

    The Brothers50 South 6th Street
    The Brothers is the pastrami king in Minneapolis for 70 years and has something for everyone- corned beef, pastrami, chicken fish, turkey, kosher, brisket, and veggie.
  2. Darby’s Pub and Grill

    Darby’s Pub and Grill315 5th Ave N
    Minneapolis, MN
    Enjoy live entertainment and game day specials on Darby’s porch that boasts a view of Target Field.
  3. Cuzzy’s Bar and Restaurant

    Cuzzy’s Bar and Restaurant507 Washington Ave N
    Minneapolis, MN
    Cuzzy’s is a total gem of a dive bar with just a couple of blocks from Target Field. Locals swear by their sandwiches and extensive craft beer selection.
  4. Black Sheep Pizza

    Black Sheep Pizza600 Washington Avenue North
    Minneapolis, MN
    Black Sheep Pizza is two blocks from Target Field and worth the walk. The Food Network agrees, labeling the restaurant the best slice in the state!


Utilizing public transportation to Target Field is fans best option as it is the most accessible MLB park. There are over 2o bus routes and a light rail option for fans looking to avoid the hassle and price of parking. The Twins’ website even offers a trip planner to help guests plan their trip to the field. For fans opting to drive there are plenty of lots and garages in the surrounding area, the price fluctuates depending on game.

Weekend for Two*
Days Inn Hotel on University (2 Nights) $158
Tickets (2 Skyline View Tickets) $36
Breakfast Complimentary at hotel
Friday Dinner (Black Sheep Pizza: Bread, Meatballs, #5 Pizza, 2 Glasses of Wine
Saturday Lunch (The Brothers: Messy Bessy, Mama Dora, 2 Sodas)
Saturday Dinner (Darby’s Pub and Grill: Fish and Chips, Arizona Burger, 2 Drinks)
Pre-game at Cuzzy’s (4 Drinks)



$29Metro Event 6 Hour Passes (2)$7Total$347

*Prices may differ depending on time of travel. All restaurant and bar prices include tax and a 20% tip.


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