Plan Your Trip to Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

Capacity: 50,291     Opened: 2009


Those damn Yankees have everything, including a new and improved Yankee Stadium. Even if you hate them, skipping out on a trip to the Bronx is a crime against baseball.


What makes this stadium unique?

Fresh off its 2009 World Championship christening, Yankee Stadium is well on its way to having the prestige and history of the old stadium. Much of the new stadium is inspired by the original Yankee Stadium built in 1923 and the inside is adorned with pictures of past and present players. Monument Park is under the sports bar in center field and is a must visit! It closes 45 minutes prior to the start of the game, so arrive early or schedule a tour of the stadium. Sit in the bleachers with the “creatures” to take part in the roll call, yelling out the players’ names until they wave, in the top of the 1st. During the middle of the 6th enjoy the Village People’s YMCA and dancing by the grounds crew. Take part in singing “God Bless America” in addition to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. After the game, win or lose, enjoy Frank Sinatra’s “New York.”


Dining and Nightlife

  1. Caliente Cab

    Caliente Cab

    488 3rd Avenue
    New York, NY


    Head to Caliente Cab for guacamole made freshly at your table, delicious fajitas, and jumbo margaritas in souvenir glasses!
  2. The Dugout

    The Dugout

    880 River Avenue
    Bronx, NY


    Dugout isn’t your standard sports bar, the vibe is more dance club, so boogie on down after the game!
  3. Stan’s Sports Bar

    Stan’s Sports Bar

    836 River Avenue
    Bronx, NY


    If you’re looking for a traditional sports bar head over to Stan’s, but be prepared to be elbow-to-elbow with Bronx Bomber fans.
  4. Yankee Tavern

    Yankee Tavern

    72 East 161st Street
    Bronx, NY


    Before the game stop in Yankee Tavern to mingle with Yankee diehards and enjoy a large variety of beers on draft. There’s even a section on the menu with food for under $5!
  5. Rosario Pizza

    Rosario Pizza

    173 Orchard Street
    New York, NY


    Rosario’s is open late and will satisfy an NYC style pizza craving. Available by the slice or wait for a whole pie.



NYC has the best public transportation, so definitely use the subways to get around. The 4, B, and D stop right outside Yankee stadium. If you stay in Jersey you can ride the NJT into New York Penn Station (watch out there’s a Newark Penn Station as well) or the PATH to the World Trade Center stop. Parking at the stadium is $20 and there are lots underground.


Weekend for Two
Comfort Inn Brooklyn (2 Nights) $198
Tickets (2 Grandstand Outfield Tickets) $28
Breakfast Complimentary at hotel
Friday Dinner (Caliente Cab: Guacamole for 2, Fajita Combination, 2 Margaritas)
Saturday Lunch (Yankee Tavern: Pastrami Sandwich, Wings, 2 Sides of Fries, 2 Beers)
Saturday Dinner (Rosario’s Pizza: Alla Campagnola Pie (Sausage, Pepperoni, Peppers)
Pre-game at Stan’s Sports Bar (4 Drinks)



Subway Passes (2) $20
Total $425

*Prices may differ depending on time of travel. All restaurant and bar prices include tax and a 20% tip.


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