Plan Your Trip to PNC Park

PNC Park

Capacity: 38,362     Opened: 2001

PNC Park is one of baseball’s treasures, but watching the Pirates will make fans say arrrrgh.

What makes this stadium unique?

PNC Park is considered by many to be the best in baseball with its intimate seating and breathtaking views. The Pittsburgh skyline, Roberto Clemente Bridge, and rivers are the highlighted backdrop. The bridge is closed to vehicular traffic on game days so fans can walk across to the stadium. Roberto Clemente is honored in many ways including a statue along with Honus Wagner outside the main entrance and the right field wall is 21 feet tall to commemorate his number. Fans can learn the proud history of the Negro Leagues in Highmark Legacy Square, located just inside the Left Field Gate. Underneath the scoreboard is The Hall of Fame Club, a restaurant open to all fans. Live music performances are played here after select games. Hold on to your Pirates’ home run ball. Guests have the option to get the ball signed by the Pirate who hit it, making the perfect souvenir!

Dining and Nightlife

  1. Mullen’s Bar & Grill

    Mullen’s Bar & Grill200 Federal Street
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Mullen’s warm atmosphere and affordable drinks and food will make you feel right at home. Daily drink specials and award-winning wings makes Mullen’s a must for the out-of-towner. It is also located a throw from the stadium.
  2. Six Penn Kitchen

    Six Penn Kitchen146 6th Street
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Across the river and through the town to Six Penn Kitchen we go. Fine dining will never be the same. Expect to pay a little extra to get a gourmet meal, and a culinary masterpiece to savor. The plates range from $20 to $30.
  3. Soho

    Soho203 Federal Street
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Titled an upscale bar, SoHo is one of our favorites. Affordable drinks and great food pull in customers from all over. The food is spectacular, with many options. Check the website for more info on daily specials.
  4. Max’s Allegheny Tavern

    Max’s Allegheny Tavern537 Suismon Street
    Pittsburgh, PA
    If there is any German in your blood you will want to visit Max’s. Authentic German food and drink is the name of the game here. Plates will run anywhere from $8 to $20.
  5. Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar

    Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar5 Market Square
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Owned by a Pittsburgh native and burger lover, Winghart’s won’t disappoint you tummy or your wallet. Pizza is not to be missed either.


Parking isn’t a problem for games and there are some garages that only charge $5. For a full map and names of these garages check the Pirates’ website. For fans who don’t want to fight traffic, there are plenty of buses, the “T”, and the Gateway Clipper Shuttle. Fans looking to ride the Pittsburgh Water Limo are advised to make reservations. Public transportation routes and fares can be found at the Port Authority website.

Weekend for Two
Hyatt Place Pittsburgh Airport (2 Nights) $188
Tickets (2 Grandstand Reserve Tickets) $16
Breakfast Complimentary at hotel
Friday Dinner (Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar: The Shipwrecked Burger, The Beretta Veggie Burger, 2 Drinks)
Saturday Lunch (Mullen’s Bar and Grill: 1 lb. Boneless Wings, Tots, and 2 Beers)
Saturday Dinner (Primanti Bros.: Roast Beef and Pastrami Sandwiches, Side of Fries, 2 Sodas)
Pre-game at Atria’s (4 Beers)


Parking at game $5
Total $339

*Prices may differ depending on time of travel. All restaurant and bar prices include tax and a 20% tip.


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