Kicking off Ballparks on a Budget Blog!

Welcome to Ballparks on a Budget! I am very excited to kick off the blog portion of the site today and hope to become your one stop site for planning a trip to any of the 30 wonderful MLB ballparks. For the past three summers, I have gone on short trips to 11 parks with my younger sister, Alex. Neither of us are rolling in dough, so saving up and smart spending are key as we pursue our goal of hitting all the stadiums. It is doable and these trips are unforgettable!

This summer I have decided to hit the road and visit all 30 parks in order to put together a guide for baseball lovers across the country to enjoy and use. Make sure you check my blog daily for money saving tips, stadium reviews, and tales from my travels. I can’t wait to finally sit in Fenway, on its Centennial no less; look out on the bay littered with kayaks in San Francisco, and after researching the Miami Marlins new digs- that place is going to be sweet! Also, I’m ready to be wowed by the small market teams; I know they are sure to come through big!

Since I’ll be new to many of these parks, I would appreciate your help. Where do you go before a game? Do you know a great way to score cheap parking or avoid the post-game traffic? Have a hotel you always use? Let me know your advice as well as some of your favorite baseball stories- who knows, they might end up in my book!


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