Scoring Cheap Seats


I love going to games. You probably love going to games or wouldn’t be reading this blog. But, you might think you can’t afford it, with all the talk on escalating ticket prices and uber expensive ballpark food and drink. Truth is, getting tickets to most regular season games is easy peasy and cheaper than you think! Here are your options:
StubHub!: Cue Hallelujah sound bite! StubHub! is one of the internet’s greatest inventions. This is the first place I check for tickets to a game and there are some serious steals! For average matchups or if you’re feeling particularly ballsy, check this site the day of the game for ridiculously low deals on tickets. My advice is if you see a great deal in advance on a big matchup or rivalry game, snatch it. One time we decided to play the waiting game for Subway Series tickets and ended up paying way more than if I had bought tickets a couple of weeks in advance.
Seat Geek: Seat Geek is the web’s largest ticket search engine, searching 27 ticket sites. If you can’t find great seat deals on this site, they don’t exist!

Team Websites: This is the last place I check for tickets because 1. They are full price and expensive and 2. Most teams don’t let you buy single game tickets (no thank you six-game packages to teams I don’t follow!).
TicketMaster:  The teams use TicketMaster to sell their tickets, so this site isn’t great unless you want to buy tickets from a certified vendor at full price. They also sell tickets for stadium tours. I highly recommend tours of your favorite team’s stadium!
Scalpers: I grew up getting tickets from scalpers and though my Dad knows how to work this system to his advantage constantly, I hate it. With fake or unusable ticket scams aplenty, I don’t recommend this option unless you’re desperate to get in. If you aren’t in a hurry to make first pitch, wait an inning or two and hit up a scalper, guarantee their prices will be slashed.

Do you use another site for getting your tickets or have some advice? Have a ticket-buying horror story or words of caution? Share away!


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