Tonight I will cross the border and make my way to Toronto to visit Rogers Centre for my first baseball game of the season! I’ve been there once in 2008 when the Yankees were in town, but I didn’t get a chance to explore the ballpark very much. The Blue Jays will be hosting the Orioles at 4:07 pm ET and I will probably grab a ticket off Stubhub tomorrow morning. Before the game I plan on hitting Real Sports Bar and Hoops Sports Bar to mingle with local fans and whatnot. I will post my pictures on my Flickr account and will share my stories from the road on Monday. Be sure to follow my Twitter @alicia_barnhart for pictures and quick updates from my trip! Feel free to message me if there’s something you’d like me to check out for you, suggestions for making my trip better, or if you’re a Blue Jays fan that wants to meet up before the game- the more the merrier!