Eat Well, For Less!


One of my favorite things about visiting new cities is sampling the local flavor. Pizza in NYC and Chicago, Mexican in Phoenix, cheesesteak in Philly- I could blog solely on all the meals we’ve eaten! I usually spend some time researching restaurants before I go so I’m not wandering around the city mindlessly and it gives me a chance to find a deal.
Food is an easy way to cut down trip costs and if you do it right, your tummy won’t have to suffer! Here are some of my tips:
1. Stay at a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast. Even if it’s basic- waffles and cereal, this will save you a meal a day.
2. Have a restaurant you’re dying to try? Check their website for specials, happy hours, and coupons.
3. Visit You can cruise through the restaurant listings by city and at some places, you can save up to 70%!
4. Sign up to websites like LivingSocial and Groupon for restaurant deals in the cities you’re visiting in advance. You can always check them last minute, but it’s nice to give yourself some options.
5. Tired and true- don’t waste your money on soft drinks. Soda is bad for your teeth anyways!
6. Nowadays restaurant portions are pretty large. Try splitting an entrée or if you’re really hungry, add an appetizer. This is easy if you’re planning on getting dessert too!
Do you have a tip that I didn’t mention? Feel free to share!


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