Comerica Park photo by Joseph Novak

Sunday I will make a day trip up to Detroit to finally visit Comerica Park. I’ve wanted to visit this park for awhile now and am pretty pumped about the match-up- Texas Rangers are in town. This should be an early preview of the AL playoffs- I’m assuming the Tigers will run away with the central and the Rangers will snag a wildcard or the west if the Angels continue to struggle. Who doesn’t like a good speculation?

My friend Anne, who hasn’t been to a baseball game since the ’90s is coming along to keep me company. We’ll explore the park, the area around it, and a couple of other neighborhoods- I believe Greektown and Mexicantown. If you have anything you’d like me to look into when I’m there, let me know! My email is or Tweet me at @alicia_barnhart. Until Monday, happy baseball watching!