Ballpark #3: Comerica Park


My friend Anne and I decided to have our Sunday Funday in Detroit this past weekend to catch a Tigers game and explore the Motor City. I’m happy I had a partner in crime this trip because, with exceptions to the area directly around Comerica Park and Ford Field, Detroit probably isn’t safe for me to be running around in alone. The city is a bit of an eyesore with abandoned buildings aplenty and there’s not a whole lot going on visually once you leave the area around the park. Lucky for us and you, the stadium is right off I-75 so you can hop right back on and skedaddle out of what I’m assuming is Hell. Ok, ok, I might be a bit biased due to my deep dislike for all things associated with the state of Michigan. But honestly, if you can make it down to a day trip, do it because Comerica Park is definitely worth a visit.

Anne and I left Columbus early Sunday and made it into Detroit around 11:30 am and parked for $10 in a lot right off the exit, on Fisherway (about three blocks from the stadium). The parking around ranged from $5-15 and $25 in the lots right next to the stadium. As we made our way toward Comerica, we stopped in a bar called Bookies which is right across from the $5 lot. The guy at the door wasn’t very friendly, but the bar itself has great game day specials and a free shuttle to and from the stadium. I think this would be great for night games because I wouldn’t want to walk through the area at night unless there are large crowds. We continued on and stopped at Bucharest Grill and Park bar, which I mentioned in the Tigers page on this site. Park Bar is in a tinted building without signs, so look for the Bucharest Grill sign and you’ll find it. They’re about two blocks from the ballpark and as you get closer, there are a bunch of bars and restaurants surrounding Comerica, all with game day specials.

Once we entered Comerica, went down to observe the Rangers’ batting practice and get a close up look at the field. I met a nice couple wearing Nationals hats and chatted with them about the park, which they were visiting for the first time as well. We all liked the incorporation of the tigers as the main theme and also the subtle shout-outs to the city itself in the concourses. Throughout the main concourse there stations with the team’s history by the decade. They sit atop Ford tires– creative! After they left, Anne and I scouted the Rangers team and ladies, this is a good team to see live.

While we were watching the practice, we noticed the people next to us had a giant pretzel, like the size of a medium pizza. I asked them how much it was and they said only $15 and even let us try a piece. Yummy and pretty sure the whole thing could have been a meal between the two of us! Anne and I ended up walking over to the corner of the Rangers’ dugout for the anthem before people came to claim their seats. We walked back up to the concourse to see how the standing room view was from the 100 level. The view is great, but the wind was not. We watched half an inning before deciding to find another place. We walked around the concourse, which has a lot of activities for kids like batting cages, face painting, a Ferris Wheel, merry-go-round, and some other games. I feel like Comerica Park is the most family oriented park I’ve visited thus far. Or they just have everything more out in the open than the other parks. I was really pumped about this all tiger merry-go-round and dragged Anne over to ride it. She refused, so I rode it alone with a bunch of kids for only $2. She was nice enough to wave every time I came around- a true friend!

We walked around out to the outfield standing room and ended up staying for a couple of innings since the view was good. It also helped that it wasn’t as windy and the sun was on our backs. There were a few people watching from the streets outside the stadium, but I’m not sure how much they could see. There’s walking room behind the batter’s eye or under Chevrolet Fountain that takes you to the side with the Tigers retired numbers players statues. They’re pretty cool and the set up is nice over the brick. You can stand in front of them and have a good view of both bullpens which are directly in front of the bleachers. The bleachers have a back section which I would probably not recommend because when walking by them, it was really far from the field action and not sloped toward the field like the upper levels. They seemed like the only bad seats in the park.

With the 100 level scoured, we walked up to the 200 level and watched an inning from the right-field corner, which overlooks the Pepsi Porch. The wind was again a small problem and we were getting tired, so we headed up to the 300 level where our seats were. The 300 level has its own bar, Miller Lite Lounge and like all the levels, a gift shop. If you like bars, tigers, children’s activities, and gift shops, Comerica Park is your stadium. Seriously they have a plethora of these things. Once in our seats, we watched the remainder of the game which ended up going into extra innings and the home team falling to Texas 3-2. In both games, I’ve gone to the home team has hit home runs, but lost. Hopefully, this pattern doesn’t continue since my next park is Yankee Stadium! The view from the 300 isn’t too bad since the seats are at a good angle, though the better view would be as near to the infield as possible. We were in line with the left fielder and didn’t have a problem seeing any game action. We also had a great view of the scoreboard, which isn’t that big compared to Progressive Field in Cleveland, but the picture is nice. I love how the Tigers sign above it lights up differently during the game and is flanked by what else, tigers!

Once we left the game, we walked over to Greektown, which is about a 15-20 minute walk through a whole lot of nothing. The casino is over there and the main street is really cute, lined with little Greek and American flags. We didn’t go into the casino, since neither of us gamble, but we ate at Pegasus Taverna which is in the same building. For those looking for Americanized Greek food (ie gyros) look elsewhere, the gyro we got was the worst I’ve ever had. The other dishes we got were really good and the actual Greek meals the people around us had looked delicious. This place is more of an authentic Greek restaurant than a gyro stand. I’ll spare you some horribly crazy misspellings of the Greek appetizers we got and just describe them. We ordered flaming cheese- amazing! and a sampling of cold Greek dips. Both were served with unlimited Greek bread, which was surprisingly not pita. This may or may not be surprising to people who normally eat Greek food, but for Anne and me, this was different. After dinner, we walked off our meal exploring the city on our way back to the car. Not a whole lot to report back. I did find this hidden gem of a building (below), which I’m assuming an OSU graduate built to honor our alma mater and stick it to Michigan in Detroit. Well maybe not, but it makes me happy to think that’s why its there.

Leaving the area we parked at was super easy, just followed the signs and quickly made it onto I-75 S. There is a little construction on both sides, so expect some traffic, especially going south since it goes down to one lane for a bit. All in all, we spent $24 on two tickets via StubHub!, $10 on parking, $30 on food, and $40 on gas. Not a bad day trip to one of the underrated MLB ballparks. Comerica Park was a nice surprise after looking at the surrounding city. Hopefully, they’ll continue to build up the area around the park as the city works to revive itself. I’d go back to catch a Yankees game for sure!

For all my pictures from my visit to Comerica Park and my other baseball trips, visit my Flickr account!


8 thoughts on “Ballpark #3: Comerica Park

  1. I’ve been meaning to dig through your blog for a while, as I was curious what your thoughts were on Comerica Park. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your trip there, and if you still want to make it back when we play the Yankees, let me know. I have a pair of tickets for the August 7th game (Tuesday night), so if you’d like to join your fellow MLBlogs blogger, you’re welcome to join me. You can’t get cheaper than free, right?


    1. My friend and I really liked Comerica, they did a nice job on that park. I would have loved to come up for the game, but unfortunately I have to work in Cincinnati that night. Thank you for the offer, I am quite jealous you will be there!


      1. Well it is a four game series, so if you can swing any other of those days, let me know. I always like having an excuse to go to a game and meet people who love the game as much as I do. Maybe we’ll even have another ALDS rematch to look forward to this year, that would be fun. Best of luck on your adventures this year!


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your time at Comerica. Too bad that you couldn’t have experienced the old Tiger Stadium. I have some great romantic memories of that ballpark from when I was little, and it would be 100 yrs-old this year along with Fenway.


      1. Glad to help. Did you see an article a week or so ago about Progressive Field (Cleveland), deciding to have a cheap beer night? In it they reference the infamous ten cent beer night debacle (which happened waaaayyyyy before you were born), anyway, with your enjoyment of baseball and affordability, I thought you’d enjoy it. I will find the article for you and post a link under Cleveland.


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