Next Stop: NYC and Philadelphia


So, so, soooo excited for this weekend’s trips! I love watching my team at home in Yankee Stadium. With the Detroit Tigers visiting, I know I’m going to see a great game tomorrow! Saturday morning I will go on a stadium tour since the Mets will be out of town. Citi Field is gorgeous, so I’m sure the tour will be very informative and fun! Between the tour of Citi Field and game at Yankee Stadium, I plan on running around NYC with my friend, Liz and visiting my cousin Josh. Will be a busy bee! If you have anything you’d like me to look into for you or have any other questions or comments Tweet me @alicia_barnhart.


Sunday I will head down to Philadelphia to take in my second game at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies will take on my NL team, the Cubs. I plan on wearing my Soriano shirt- hope the fans aren’t too mean! Make sure you check back next week when I post about my trips and share other ways to save money on ballpark visits. Ciao ciao for now!


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