Totally pumped about next week’s ballpark visits. I have the week off at work, so I planned out what I am anticipating to be the greatest baseball trip of all time:


Monday 6/11: Atlanta (Yankees @ Braves) 7:10 pm ET

Tuesday 6/12: Tampa Bay (Mets @ Rays) 7:10 pm ET

Wednesday 6/13: Miami (Red Sox @ Marlins) 7:10 pm ET

Thursday 6/14: Baltimore (Pirates @ Orioles) 7:05 pm ET

Friday 6/15: Washington (Yankees @ Nationals) 7:05 pm ET

I’ve never been to any of these parks, so if anyone has any suggestions or tips, feel free to share! Also if you want me to check out something at the ballpark (like the Marlins center field atrocity) or in the city, let me know and I’ll do my best! Be sure to check the blog daily or follow me at Twitter @alicia_barnhart for photos and updates from the road.

Five parks in five days… this is the American Dream!