Thought I’d be productive at the airport and give an update on my trip. In the past three days, I’ve visited Atlanta, St. Petersburg, and Miami. It’s been a ton of traveling, but totally worth it! Below are a few pictures from my trips and if you’d like to see all the pictures, check out the MLB Collection on my Flickr page!

Turner Field:

View from standing room behind home plate. Go Cano!

$1 standing room above retired numbers. Loved the cow- he tomahawks chops!

Found the giant drum from the outfield. Too bad the Yanks didn’t let them use it!

Tropicana Field:

Had to wait 20 min, but where else can you pet sting rays while watching baseball?!

Tropicana Field! The dome is pimped out… even has its own moat!

Marlins Park:

Marlins Park! It’s too bright for the picture, but the outfield window has gorgeous view of the city skyline.

Bobblehead Museum! More like a display, but baller none the less!

I couldn’t resist! O-H-I-O!!

Next stop Baltimore for a game tonight and my trip finale tomorrow is in D.C. For updates follow me on Twitter at @alicia_barnhart. Will have my ballpark reviews up all next week.