5 Quick Ballpark Observations

Ballpark Collage

I can’t believe I’ve already visited 16 ballparks. Feels like just yesterday I drove up to Toronto to hit my first park! From all the traveling and park sightseeing I’ve noticed a few things that I figured I’d share:

1. Teams have almost bent over backward to make going to the ballpark affordable for families. From discounted tickets to family packs to special family and kid concession pricing, all the ballparks I’ve visited want families to be able to enjoy America’s past time.

2. Almost every park has a mascot race these days. Not complaining, but Miller Park must be annoyed!

3. StubHub! has changed. I used to get all my tickets off this website and now the processing fees are so high it’s easier to just buy walk up tickets at the park.

4. Ballparks are like mini showcases of the city they’re in. Tastes of local fare can be found in the concessions and the park’s architecture and atmosphere capture each city’s essence.

5. All fan bases are obnoxious, but incredibly loveable. I’ve seen people from each team act a fool, but it’s what makes being a fan great. Right?

Anyone notice these things when they’ve visited the parks? Maybe I missed something that you think most parks share- let me know! Also what fan base do you think travels the best? I think it’s a toss-up between Yankees and Red Sox…


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