Save $$ at the Ballpark: AL Central Teams

Still think you can’t afford to take the family out to a ballgame? Think again! MLB teams are almost begging you to bring the whole family to a game these days. Check each team’s website for family discounts, kids clubs, and other offers. Most of these deals are especially handy for those living in the same city as their favorite team. Sign up for one of these and you’re sure to leave the park with a ton of happy memories, but not an empty wallet.
Chicago White Sox:
The White Sox Kids Club: Fans 13 and under can enjoy membership at two levels- Slugger or All-Star. The free level includes two ticket coupons but limited to 5 memberships/family. (Membership is FREE or $37)
2012 Sox Pride Club: For fans of all ages with a whole slew of benefits including ticket discounts, post-season opportunities, and its own section in the stands. (Membership is $34.95 or $135.94)
Chicago White Sox Dynamic Deals: Each month the ChiSox offer great ticket deals for fans to snatch up!
Cleveland Indians:
The Cleveland Indians High Achievers Kids Club: Sign up your kids at the beginning of the school year and they’ll be rewarded with free tickets and other opportunities if they work hard! (Membership is FREE)
The Tribe Fan Club: Open to all Indians fans, this club offers a pair of complimentary tickets, a stadium tour, tailgates, and special discounts. (Membership is $19.95)
Indians Diamond Deals: A new featured deal every week and plenty of discounted tickets and food options.
Detroit Tigers:
Tigers Kids Club: The mid-season club doesn’t offer complimentary tickets, but there are some exclusive events and on the field opportunities for members. (Membership is $11)
Tigers Fan Club: Again no free tickets, but plenty of opportunities for tickets at special rates, private events, and Tigers gear discounts too! This club is 21+. (Membership is $40.95)
Kansas City Royals:
Sluggerrr’s Blue Crew Kid’s Club: Members of this club (14 and younger) get two ticket vouchers, tokens for the outfield experience (kids activities like mini golf), and Royals gear to wear to the games. (Membership is $20)
Fan Value Corner: This page is full of deals for fans visiting Kauffman Stadium- eSavers, Buck Nights, and Family Sunday Fun-day 4-packs!
Minnesota Twins:
Twins Territory Team: Join this club and get a free stadium tour, discounts on tickets and gear, and members-only opportunities. (Membership is $19.95)
Twins Daily Ticket Specials: A plethora of ticket deals (family sections, etc) and special events like Women, Wine, and Baseball. Who said baseball isn’t classy?

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