Next Stop: Los Angeles and San Diego



Happy 4th of July! Is there a better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday, than spending it watching our nation’s pastime? I think not! I will be in Los Angeles for a few days catching games at both Dodger and Angels Stadium before heading south to San Diego to see the Padres. I’ve been to both LA stadiums, but PETCO Park will be a new adventure for me.

My flight has been graciously sponsored by my friend’s father, Bruce Christopher, who is spoiling me royally in first class! Don’t worry friends, I’m my father’s daughter and will keep the cost of the rest of this trip down as much as possible. If my flight hadn’t been sponsored, I would have changed the dates a bit and flown using United’s Web Deals that come out every Tuesday. In fact, I plan on using that for the remainder of my trips out west.

I have done plenty of hotel research for this trip and found the best deal in LA was through Expedia, who now offers secret hotel deals similar to Priceline. Bing Travel is another fantastic tool that gathers hotel deals from the majority of the travel websites and puts it onto a map with options that let you know if you’re getting a deal or not.

As for getting around, I will be renting a car. I did some research on getting to Dodger Stadium via public transportation, but am going to pass. LA’s public transit is crap (takes forever) and some of the bus routes to the Metro take you through undesirable neighborhoods. No thanks.

I will keep you updated on my travels via my Twitter @alicia_barnhart and my facebook page- Ballparks on a Budget (please like the page!). Feel free to tweet me questions about the parks and cities or leave a message on the Facebook page wall. Until then, have a safe and fun-filled holiday!



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