Save $$ at the Ballpark: AL East Teams

Still think you can’t afford to take the family out to a ballgame? Think again! MLB teams are almost begging you to bring the whole family to a game these days. Check each team’s website for family discounts, kids clubs, and other offers. Most of these deals are especially handy for those living in the same city as their favorite team. Sign up for one of these and you’re sure to leave the park with a ton of happy memories, but not an empty wallet.

Baltimore Orioles:

Junior Orioles Dugout Club: Oriole fans 14 and younger can enjoy membership benefits including a ticket to a game, special drawing, and plenty of Oriole swag. Family members benefit too with discounted tickets to accompany their kids to games! (Membership- $20, Renew- $17)

Free Birthday Ticket from the Orioles: How else would you want to spend your birthday? All fans can register for a free general admission ticket for a non-prime game during their birthday month. Upgrades to the ticket are available for only $10!

Special Events: Every Tuesday home game is Ollie’s Bargain Night- all Upper Reserve tickets are $9 and on Friday all students with a valid school ID can purchase $6 Left Field Upper Reserve tickets thanks to AT&T!

Boston Red Sox:

Red Sox Nation: There are multiple levels of membership to this club and the perks vary. All include team shop discounts, a tour of Fenway, and exclusive newsletters. (Membership- $15-$299)

Red Sox Kid Nation: Kiddie version of the above club, but still some sweet deals- discounted tickets to a game, a coupon book for area attractions, and even a youth jersey! (Membership- $25)

New York Yankees:

Yankees Universe: A similar deal to Red Sox Nation (you chose the level) but there are more discounts on food and tickets for fans to enjoy. The highest level even includes two field level tickets, nice! (Membership- $19.95- $295)

Ticket Specials: Fans can browse a slew of ticket deals including weeknight family specials, $5 ticket games, military appreciation, kids, and more!

Tampa Bay Rays:

Rays Rookies: Kids 14 and younger are treated to two ticket vouchers to select games, ticket and concession discounts, and the chance to be the Rays Rookie of the Year! (Membership- $25)

Maddon’s Maniacs: Fan club for the grown ups with the same perks except these fans have a chance to be Maddon’s MVP! (Membership- $25)

Golden Rays: Appealing to the large senior population in Florida, this club is for Rays fans 55+ and has the same perks as the other two clubs. (Membership- $25)

Family Fun Days: Every Sunday fans can purchase tickets for $23 or $30 (depending on opponent) and receive free vouchers for a hot dog, snack, and Pepsi product.

Toronto Blue Jays:

Jr. Jays Club: Jr. Jays members not only receive Blue Jays gear but a booklet of vouchers and discounts for games and concessions! (Membership is $19.99)

Jr. Jays Saturdays: Kids don’t have to be a club member to enjoy ticket discounts for Saturday home games throughout the season. The concourses are lined with activities for families to enjoy too!

Grand Slam Combo: For select Fridays, fans can purchase 200 level tickets for $39 and enjoy the game and an all you can eat buffet… so make it worth it!


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