A Tale of Two Cities

Visited the bay area this past weekend and saw games in O.co Coliseum and AT&T Park. Completely opposite experiences! Oakland greets you with barbed wire and concrete, though the effort inside the park with the tarps show they’re trying to spruce the place up. San Francisco’s park is incredibly inviting with its retro brick structure and beautiful bay view. Here are a few pictures from my adventures. Ballpark reviews of each park will come within the week. Until then look for pictures and updates via my Twitter- @alicia_barnhart. I will be in Seattle tonight!

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One thought on “A Tale of Two Cities

  1. I know that Oakland has a spacious park and is thus very ‘pitcher friendly’ (Can’t believe Reggie played there..lol), but maybe if they remove the barbed wire and concrete it would be just more ‘fan friendly’! What was the attendence when you were there…20,000? Below?

    Fantasy Furnace


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