The Ichiro Show

Last night I was at Safeco field– love this ballpark! Beautiful venue, great fans, and a friendly staff. Ichiro was once again the story of the night- fans wearing his jersey and carrying signs were out in droves. He received a standing ovation as they chanted his name at his first at bat and the love continued to pour throughout the game. Former Mariner, Alex Rodriguez’s homecoming was not as sweet, just loud boos (don’t blame them!). Both ended up getting beaned by Felix Hernandez (though the latter will spend 6-8 weeks on the DL).

For now, enjoy some pictures from last night as Mariners fans said goodbye to the face of their team for the past decade:

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What do you think about the trade? And just curious what people thought about Felix Hernandez beaning Ichiro, Jeter, and ARod. All unintentional?


5 thoughts on “The Ichiro Show

  1. I like the trade. Gardner is out for the rest of the season and what he does Ichiro does…get on base and grab a steal or two. I think he’ll do even better in N.Y. As he will never get closer to winning a ring than he will now. and at 38 how many more years will he have?

    He’s played three games with the Yanks and has hit safely in each one. I think he’s the perfect fit!

    As for King Felix, I’ m no t pleased with his performance last night. He drilled Ichiro in his right foot, hit Derek Jeter in his left arm, and broke A-Rod’s left hand which takes him out of action for up to 6 weeks! I guess Felix’s motto is now, “If you can’t beat him, hit ’em!” What I don’t get is like at what time is it the umpire’s job to say enough? Why wasn’t there a warning, or two? Or, dare I say an ejection? I wonder what would have gone down had this game been played in N.Y….

    Nice article & great pics!


    1. I think this is a good trade too, esp since Swisher is hurt too. Ichiro should be a good addition to the team. I saw Jeter and Cano joking around with him at bp on Tuesday, so looks like he’s getting along with the guys.

      As for Felix, I was pissed at the game, but I saw that ARod should have moved (not that you have much time). He should have been warned after the plunk on Jeter since it was right after Ichiro’s hit.

      I was joking with some Mariners fans that they were trying to injure Ichiro to ruin the trade (just like giving us a busted pitcher earlier this year). Good times with them, great crowd!


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