Back on the road today and tomorrow in Texas! Both the Rangers and Astros are at home this weekend so I will see games at both ballparks.

Thursday: Nationals vs Astros 7:05 pm CT

Friday: Detroit vs Rangers 7:05 CT
This trip was funded partly by Doug Roberts, James Knight, Hank Blumenfeld, Ed Goodman, and Jessica Barnhart. Thank you guys for your support!

As always if anyone is attending one of these games, let me know and we can meet up! I got a request from Sean Mahoney to include a food option from the parks so I will make sure to taste the signature dishes at both parks. If you have a suggestion or something you’d like me to check out, tweet at me @alicia_barnhart or send me an email alicia@ballparksonabudget.com. I will have ballpark reviews up next week as well as money saving tips for NL parks and maybe another round of I Spy!