Photo from AP.


If you’ve been living in a closet the past day or have been too busy following Jets training camp, Felix Hernandez solidified himself in baseball history as the first Mariner to throw a perfect game. I saw him in his last start against the Yankees and it’s quite the understatement to say he throws well. Big congratulations to him!

That brings me to this non-budget topic- what’s on your baseball bucket list? Last week I checked off a couple- seeing Josh Hamilton hit a home run live and I saw an in-the-park home run by Austin Jackson. They were both in the same game and made for an unforgettable evening. Also in case you’re new to my blog, I’m traveling to all 30 MLB parks this summer, another check-off the list.

Still on my list? You guessed it, seeing a perfect game (even a no-hitter would be nice)! I’d prefer it to be a Yankee, but with these kinds of feats, I’ll take it from anyone! Also on my list- to see Derek Jeter play live in the playoffs (need to get on this soon, he’s getting old!), see the Yankees in the World Series, sit behind home plate at a game, swim in the pool at Chase Field, sit on the Green Monster, see the Yankees beat Boston in Fenway (hopefully will get this on my birthday, 9/11), see the Cubs win the World Series (curses are made to be broken!), see a bench clearing brawl live, and I’d like to be present during something extremely historical to the game- like a first in the sport or a new record being set.

Well, I’ve shared some of mine, hope you’re not rolling your eyes too much from all my Yankee love :). What are some things on your baseball bucket list? Or do you have a great baseball moment you’d like to share… feel free! I look forward to reading them!!