I Spy With My Little Baseball Eye… Round 2

I Spy Round 2 is long overdue! At every park, I try to take pictures of unique architecture, ballpark art, and little nuances that aren’t branded by the team. Then I see if you were paying attention when you last visited (and if you haven’t… try to guess from the hints!). If you didn’t fare well in the first round, here is your shot at redemption!

Here are ten pictures- try and guess which MLB ballpark each one is from. Sorry I have no prizes… pride will have to suffice! I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Need a hint?? Scroll down!








1. The team logo is chillin’ to the left in this picture. Figured I’d lob you one to start!

2. The Golden Gophers play down the street (kind of).

3. If the case breaks they’ll be singing “Roll out the Baseballs” instead of “Roll out the Barrel” in the 7th.

4. “Seams” to me like this team is desperate if they try to re-sign Roger Clemens.

5. Players from every team can earn a plaque when they go the “yard” aka hit a home run!

6. I’m surprised this statue hasn’t melted in the desert heat!

7. If they tossed this ball in the Derby, maybe Cano would have actually hit it! (sorry Robi!)

8. Everything is bigger in this state!

9. This park is reigning “King” of ballpark art.

10. This escalator must be in this field’s outfield because it’s on steroids!


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