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Photo from Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Eventually, in your quest to see all 30 MLB ballparks, you’re going to need to book a flight. I know some people do all 30 by car and one guy did them all by bike, but for the sane, here are some tips on flying:

1. When researching flights use Bing Travel, it shows all the flights available from all the normal travel sites. I also use this to find hotels at times. This site also gives an indicator on whether to buy now or wait for prices to drop- pretty handy when booking in advance.

2. Always check Southwest’s site since their flights don’t show up on Bing or the other travel sites. I’ve found their prices are really hit or miss, but I signed up for email alerts when they have sales and specials just in case.

3. Sign up for United’s weekly specials. These are especially handy if you live near one of their hubs. Can’t beat a round trip flight for $161. The only catch is you have to buy the week of and fly between Friday-following Monday or Tuesday.

4. Sign up for reward programs and try to book with those airlines or travel sites most often to maximize points. I’m signed up with United, Air Tran, Southwest, and Expedia. When I can I book United flights through Expedia so I can double my rewards. I also try to book my hotels and rental cars through Expedia to rack up reward points.

5. When traveling day of a game, try to get the earliest flight out. You never know what the weather holds in your city or a connection. Better early than too late! I like to travel early for the chance of getting bumped. Nothing better than a free flight voucher!

6. For some advice on Frequent Flyer miles and way more flight tips than I could ever give you, I will turn it over to one of my favorite travel (and life) bloggers, Chris Guillebeau- READ POST.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you save money when booking your next flight! If you have a tip, feel free to share… the more ways to save, the merrier!