Rockies and Reds Recap

Going for alliteration with that title! This past weekend I finished up my ballpark tour with a day trip to Denver and some Sunday Night Baseball in the Queen City (aka Cincinnati). Below are some quick tips on each city and some pictures from my visits (to tide you over to the full reviews!):


1. The airport is in BFE- for reals! If you don’t have someone to pick you up, your options are limited. I highly recommend taking the AF bus to it’s last stop (1 hour) for $11 instead of a $60 cab ride or renting a car.

2. Denver is a very walkable city once you get to it. I walked around the 16th Street Mall (which has a free bus as well) and LoDo by the stadium without any problems. There are plenty of public transportation options as well, but you can save money on foot!

3. Buy Rockpile seats- they’re $4 and you can move around the entire park. They’re available 2.5 hours before the game at Gate A (limit 4) and the earlier you buy, the lower you sit. If that doesn’t catch your fancy, click here for more ticket options.

4. If you’re a craft beer fan, you will love LoDo- there are like 90 breweries in the area. Tours are available or you can set out yourself. I tried the Great Divide Brewery, but would have liked to have hit Breckenridge right outside the ballpark.


1. Parking under the stadium is $17 and across the street $12-$10. If you park near Paul Brown Stadium its only $5. You can also try to score a meter or the $1 parking near the Fountain Square (depends if an event is going on or not).

2. Cincy hotels are surprisingly expensive (well to me), save money by staying across the river in Newport or Covington, KY. There are plenty of bridges to walk over to the ballpark and the area is built up. Some say the night life is better on the other side of the river too…

3. Reds tickets are incredibly affordable, especially for the high calibur baseball they’ve been playing this season. Nosebleeds are $6 and you can move around the lower bowl with ease to find a good standing room spot. For more ticket deals click here. My friend Kevin and I were lucky to get hooked up with tickets from Dodger’s photographer Jon Soohoo. If you like baseball pictures like me, you will enjoy Jon’s blog!


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