Postseason Baseball on a Budget

Who’s ready for the playoffs? Playoffs?!

The postseason is so so so very close! Hope everyone is enjoying this final stretch as much as I am. The Yankees are inching toward the clinch- what a fitting end to play a division rival and possible spoiler Boston! It’s like the playoffs have come early watching the AL East and West duke it out. The added Wild Card spot- I love it (unless the Yankees get in it and lose- then I’ll hate it for the year). Hey, I’m a fan and as biased and irrational as they come :)!

But onto the good stuff- saving money in October. Most of the tips and suggestions I’ve shared in previous posts will apply to the postseason as well- the trickiest part is simply not knowing dates and times until the week of the games:

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As for tickets, don’t let the idea of postseason and playoffs intimate you- tickets aren’t too absurdly priced if you go through the team. Each team in the hunt has a lottery (since closed) on their website that you can sign up for and purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. I signed up for a few trying to gauge who the Yankees might face. No luck with the Yanks, Tigers, ChiSox, Orioles, or Reds, but I’m not easily discouraged. I went on the Yankees’ website, clicked on buy postseason tickets and read the pricing for each series. Seats for the Wild Card and AL Division Series are for as low as $21 and there are still tickets available (found some bleacher seats for $27). Buying early is best for saving money and if a game is not played, you will be refunded. I encourage you to check your team’s site and explore your options.

For those wondering about refunds on hotels and flights- make sure what you book is refundable to avoid cancellation fees. Usually, when booking through a discount site like Expedia or Priceline they give you that option on hotels and flights. This is one of those times the small extra fee comes in handy. If you don’t opt for that fee and need to rid yourself of a room or flight, try putting it up on eBay, Craigslist, or a site dedicated to this service like Cancelon or Jump Flight.

Yes, the above is a bit of a gamble, but seeing your team win is a sweet reward. I am waiting to see where the chips fall before I plan any crazy playoff adventures, but will keep you posted. Hopefully, I have the opportunity to grace a lucky ballpark for the second time this season!

If you have any tips, suggestions, or simply a playoff baseball story you’d like to share- please do!


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