Thank You For Your Support!


Checked off every ballpark on my map!

This blog might look like a one-woman show, but that’s far from the truth. Last April I set out with a goal of seeing all 30 MLB ballparks and blogging about my experiences to inspire others to do the same. Hopefully, my blog has amused and given you tips on how to save money when you travel to see games across the country. This post is by far not my last… have some ideas to take me through the off-season! I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone for their help this summer!

Thank You
I should be a professional sign maker! 🙂

First and foremost I’d like to thank God for putting this dream in my heart and providing a fantastic support system of friends and family to help me achieve my goal. I know he had my back- how else could I make it to 30 parks without any rain outs or flight delays? Jesus was definitely with me on my journey as well- managed to not get stolen or in any accidents with all the miles I logged! Thank you!

My mom for being my biggest cheerleader. For awhile her and her friends were the only ones reading my blog. Their positive feedback was a big motivation to keep going. I’m also thankful for the times she helped me when I’d over drafted my account! Thank you!

My dad for introducing me to baseball and for inspiring the budget part of my blog. All those years of being cheap has “paid” off! And you finally joined Facebook, just to like my page. Thank you!

My Auntie Re for being cheerleader #2 and for sponsoring my flight out to Denver. I think I get my independent career lady streak from you! Your constant support, especially this summer has meant so much to me. Thank you!

My sister Jezzie for spreading the word to her friends and for contributing to one of my trips. Someday Alex and I will convince you baseball trips are fun! Thank you!

My sister Alex for coming along on a few of my trips this summer. I wish I could have shared every experience this summer with you, but we have plenty of years ahead for sister baseball trips. Thank you!

My friends and family who let me stay at their houses and came to games with me- Liz, Sarah, Nick, Gautham, Malerie, Aubri and Mark, Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Dave, Sohan, Anne, Kappa, and Mallory and Allen. Thank you!

My New Jersey family- the Christophers for following my blog and constantly showing their support. Liz deserves like a hundred thank yous for my New York/Philly trip and keeping me from quitting when I second guessed myself halfway. Also, Mr. Christopher sponsoring my flight out to California was a huge help! Thank you!

Caleb Jay from the Diamondbacks and Jon Soohoo from the Dodgers for hooking me up with tickets. Thank you!

My Fundly Donors- Doug Roberts, James Knight, Hank Blumenfeld, Ed Goodman, and Jessica Barnhart. Your donations meant a lot to me! Thank you!

My friends and family at home- especially Arwa, Sarah M., Michael, Jessica, Fallon, Mandy, Mark (for all his help on our original site), and everyone who liked my Facebook page. Thank you!

And last but certainly not least a HUGE thank you to every person who has read my blog, even if it was just once! I love the MLB blogging community- it has been a blessing to be able to connect with so many baseball fans and share our love for the game. I can never just click on one blog… I find myself spending hours clicking through everyone’s work! There’s no such thing as a baseball overload! And a thank you to Mark Newman at MLB for putting my blog up on the front page and letting me kick off the Meet the Bloggers series- I felt so honored! Thank you!

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That was quite the long list! I’d totally get the wrap-up music at the Oscars, but whatevs, these people needed to be thanked! Again my appreciation to everyone for your encouragement and positive feedback. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Support!

  1. You really pulled off quite a challenging adventure. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and hopefully God will inspire you with ways to keep it going past this season. All the best! I’ll be staying tuned. 🙂


  2. The series was great!!! You have started something that I hope and believe will continue to grow. You had a dream and you followed it, my hat goes off to you. I have one of your trips covered in the future.
    God Bless you and your Family.
    Say Hello for me and yes the rest of the Family.


  3. It’s been great reading up this season. I know this is kind of the main idea of the blog, but I love the budget aspect of the blog. I know as a baseball traveler myself that it is always nice to hear others’ input on how to save, and this provides a centralized place for learning about. Since I kind of joined mid-season, I think I have some back-tracking to do in my spare time during the offseason.


  4. What a great idea. Keep blogging b/c you’re very good! (I’m so envious you’ve been to Fenway. Let me know if you visit Nationals Park. I live in the area. I’ll get some friends and family and we can grab a dinner


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