Save Money on Hotels with Smartphone Apps

Progressive Field
Kim and I don’t know what to do without baseball!

Anyone else suffering from baseball withdrawal? I know I am! Thank goodness I have my 9-0 Buckeyes to distract me through November. Ah football, you cure almost everything! For those unfortunate souls who don’t like football or basketball (can’t blame you on this sport), these next few months are going to be tough. Keep your chin up and enjoy the free agency and off-season moves- all well documented and discussed in the MLB blogging network. I’ll also try to entertain with some posts, but no promises ;).

I think this is going to be my last post on smartphone apps. I’ve found some great ones for dining and travel, so I’ll round it out with a post on apps that can help you get great deals on hotels:

1., TripAdvisor, Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak are some of the most popular free apps for finding hotel deals. All are reliable and provide low prices to 1,000s of area hotels.

2. If you’re interested in staying in a boutique or independent hotel in a major city, try the’s app. It also searches the chain hotels, but independents are their specialty.

3. Priceline’s app has a unique feature for all those procrastinators- save up to 35% when you book a hotel day of. Just be careful there are no major conferences or events going on in the city… you could get shut out of a hotel altogether!

4. Hotel Tonight is another great app for last-minute booking. The app brags of savings up to 70% on unbooked rooms! Again to avoid getting burned, check for city events when visiting.

5. HotelPal is a growing app for both iPhones and Androids and is worth trying out. The app can browse hotels in the area and give the lowest prices. Best part- no booking fees!

Hotel costs can really rack up, so check out one or two of these apps to keep your trip under budget. While searching the web I found a few bonus apps worth mentioning:

1. Hate paying ATM fees? Download the Allpoint app and find surcharge-free ATMs in the area you’re visiting. This is even handy when in your own city!

2. TripDoc is a handy app for literally mapping out your trip. Type in your hotel and plans and it will display them on a map and give you directions. It also provides recommendations to local attractions and restaurants.

And if you’re really interested in using smartphone apps to explore a new city check out Jacqui Barrie’s blog post “10 iPhone Apps That Can Help You Learn a New City.”


8 thoughts on “Save Money on Hotels with Smartphone Apps

  1. I was wondering what you would blog about with the season over. Looks like I had nothing to worry about. Your Buckeyes just killed my Illini, but so does everyone else, so no surprises there. Can’t wait to read the next one!


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    Download Hotel Tonight app for iOS or Android. Enjoy 🙂


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