Baseball Themed Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Only a week left to get all your holiday shopping done and I’m guessing all you procrastinators out there are just getting started! If you’re shopping for a baseball fan, make sure you’re signed up to MLB’s shop for email deals from their favorite teams. While cruising around for a Yankee themed gift for my sister I came across these:

Yankee boots

I think I need them. Hopefully Santa caught my last minute Christmas List update! If not I might have to snag these when they go back on sale. Are they taking my Yankee fandom to a new level? Speaking of too much, I found some crazy baseball shoes:

Baseball shoes


When I first saw them I thought they were nuts, but they’re growing on me. Not sure how I feel about the heel though, if it’s really wood I think it would snap with all the hiking around the parks I do. But I’m still intrigued.

For fans looking to spend a little less and still give a memorable gift, I have a great suggestion- frame a sports photo. I did this for my dad a few years ago when he was next to Jim Tressel following the 2009 OSU/Iowa game. To personalize the frame I added the final score and the final line of Ohio State’s Alma Mater, Carmen Ohio. As you can see below, he loved it. I also got him The Bronx Is Burning series on DVD (since he loves Reggie Jackson) and that has yet to be opened….

Frame gift

This gift idea is super simple, you just need a picture (I use Snapfish to order prints), a frame (love Kohl’s because they’re usually 50-60% off), and the last material is optional- stickers (I get them from $2.99 at Michael’s and always bring the 40% off coupon):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The longest part of this project is waiting for your pictures to ship if you order them online. You also have the option to pick them up from a store near you if you need them that day. I would say the majority of the pictures around my apartment are from baseball trips and Ohio State games, so I assume all sports fans would love momentous from a big win or special trip.

And if you’re gifting a female fan, try following some of the designs from my apparel posts: LA Angels, Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians. These are great ways to take an inexpensive MLB shirt and customize it into something unique. My aunt did that for me awhile back with a Jeter shirt and I wore it for years:

yankee stadium


I wish I could find a better picture of it that showed the side. She cut it up the sides and then did a zig-zag stitch with the sewing machine in white, it was pretty cool.  People would always ask me where I got it and I was happy to say it was one of a kind! It’s too bad it was very small and a grew out of it :(.

As always the best gifts come from the heart, so make sure they’re thoughtful and made (or bought) with love! If you have any gift ideas for baseball fans or a great gift you’ve given/received, feel free to share! Enjoy the holiday season!!


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