Christopher Family

This past weekend I visited my New Jersey family, the Christophers for a quick “vacation.” I like to use the term vacation liberally during holiday times as an excuse to not workout and indulge. We managed to eat, drink, and be merry the whole visit! It was nice to see the entire family together again. When I was in town last May for baseball games I had only gotten to see Liz (not that that was bad of course!). Headquarters

Since I was just outside the city, I decided to stop by the Chelsea Market to visit and everyone’s favorite head of MLB Blogging, Mark Newman. The market was bustling with people, but I easily found the elevator (it’s pimped out baseball style) and took it up to the lobby where Mark met me. Headquarters

I’m not sure what you envision when you think of, but in my head, I thought it was Mark and maybe five other people in a room blogging away. Yeah, it’s a bit bigger! Our first stop on the tour was the “bullpen,” which is the nerve center for content on all platforms, filled with people who post the stories, videos, photos, headlines and so much of what you see 24/7/365 as a baseball fan. Major League Baseball Advanced Media is responsible for all things digital in MLB, and that also includes a social media department where they coordinate the team tweets, Facebook posts and so much more.


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Next, we popped in the studio which also doubles as a venue when performing artists stop by for concerts. There are two full sets and Friday they were getting ready for the Hot Stove. I had a chance to hop in before the professionals like Bombers Beat’s Bryan Hoch were mic’d up. Maybe someday you’ll get to watch me gush, I mean report on the Yankees…

On our way to the MLB Shop, we passed by an open room full of computers where they edit up and log every single game. All of those amazing home runs, big plays, and etc. clips we devour during the season come from the hard work of these fine folks! I loved the large room with all the screens- what a dream come true to watch all the games side by side. Does MLB.TV offer this package?! If so I think I need a bigger screen… (Update: Mark has informed me that the answer is a big yes! You can watch up to four games simultaneously with MLB.TV – on your laptop, on your devices like iPhone or Android, or on your TV with Apple TV or other connected devices.)

Mark and I made our way back to MLB Shop where I met Raymond Maccio. He jokingly told me to stop cutting up their shirts! The MLB Shop is an impressive operation- every single piece of merchandise passes through this team and they take the pictures, add a description, and load it to the site. At the end of the year, they have a giant employee sample sale! This explains why this group has the best desk decorations in the entire office. I found a Yankee/Derek Jeter shrine that puts my fandom to shame! I will have to step up my game, good thing I bought the MLB Shop Groupon! Raymond was nice enough to give me a couple of hats as a souvenir from my visit. I brought them back to the Christophers and Liz and I had an impromptu “photo shoot”:

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The final stop on the tour was to where I met Tara Gore. Not only is she very talented, she’s a Buckeye too! The OSU representing! Headquarters

We wrapped up with Mark giving me some valuable blogging advice and I got a sneak peek at the Top 100 MLB Bloggers post and banner. I was excited to see I clocked in at #63 on the fan list since I moved to the MLB Blogging format in July. To all on the lists congrats and keep up the great work! I love reading your posts and being part of a community with the best shared passion ever- baseball! A big thank you to for providing the platform and Mark and his team for guiding us!!

***Another thank you to Mark for his time on Friday and to everyone, I was fortunate enough to meet while on tour. I greatly appreciated all the advice, encouragement, and graciousness shown to me. Headquarters