Exploring the Cities on a Budget: NL East


Miami rooftop pool

Part of the fun in visiting an MLB ballpark is experiencing the city it’s in. It’s your chance to see some sights, try the local fare, and take in the culture. An ongoing joke with my friend Liz is that our pictures should always “capture our essences.” I found many times ballparks did just this- they captured the cities they’re in’s essence. Going to the park is great (obviously, since it’s the reason you’re visiting) but don’t sell yourself short and miss out on the park’s inspiration! While I didn’t always get to fully explore the cities I visited since I was cramming in 30 parks, I did always make an effort to see what I could.

For those who are thinking, this is going to rack up my trip cost, I say “Not so fast my friend!” (yeah I just quoted Lee Corso, happens). Here are some ways to save when sightseeing in the cities of the NL East… and even some free activities!


Atlanta: (Braves)

Miami: (Marlins)

  • National Geographic did a phenomenal article on free things to do in Miami that includes everything from art and cultural events to attractions and even some clubs… Yes clubbing on a budget! There are also plenty of free family and outdoorsy activities as well.
  • If you’re not too busy running around the city, relax at the beach! South Beach is kind of a big deal and there are plenty of others to choose from including Miami Beach if you’re looking for a pier.
  • GroupOn.com is a great tool for getting discounted rates for fun activities, restaurants, and spas around town. The mobile app is particularly helpful when trying to find a deal the day of. If you buy in advance make sure you schedule to use your voucher asap so you don’t get closed out!
  • For discounted admission to Miami’s most popular attractions, purchase a Go Miami Card. It will help you save up to 55%!

New York City: (Mets)

Philadelphia: (Phillies)

Washington D.C.: (Nationals)

  • D.C. is another city that can be explored on foot without spending a dime! The city’s tourism site breaks down 100 free (or almost free) activities down into easy categories like Family-Friendly, History & Heritage, Arts & Culture, Theater & Performing Arts, African American Culture, and GLBT. There’s something to see and do for everyone!
  • Visiting The National Mall is a given but you don’t have to rely on your field trip knowledge of the buildings with DC by Foot. The walking tours are free, just make sure to make a reservation!
  • If you do want to splurge on some tours, About.com did an excellent article highlighting the best tours the city has to offer.
  • Need information on free concerts, gallery hops, museum free days, and even Supreme Court lectures? Check out National Geographic’s list of Free in D.C.
  • For discounted tickets to countless tours and attractions, visit DC Tours. If you buy online you get a special rate!

Not visiting an NL Central city? Check out my previous posts on exploring AL Central , AL EastAL West, or NL Central cities.


2 thoughts on “Exploring the Cities on a Budget: NL East

  1. Thanks for the tips on these baseball cities. The only one I’ve been to is Atlanta, and they just bused us to and from the game from Glynco. Never had a real chance to see much of what Atlanta had to offer. Would love to go back, though.


  2. Nice, by reading your post I exactly know where to head first this summer holidays. 🙂

    Do check out my blog I have recently posted the trailer of one of the short films made by me and other interesting stunff. Hope you like it


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