Ballparks and Breweries: AL Central


I stole this idea from one of my friends because it’s probably the greatest idea in the world if you love beer (especially craft beer) and baseball. When I ran into my friend Joe very randomly at Camden Yards he told me that his friends and him not only visit ballparks every year, but they make sure to hit up the local breweries as well. I think that’s an awesome spin on visiting all 30 MLB parks, so I compiled a list of some local breweries in every city, which I will split up into six posts. What makes this list even better is some of the brewery tours are free and have samples at the end. Sure beats paying $6+ for a beer at the ballpark! 😉

Sam Adams Brewery


Atlas Brewing Company

Goose Island Brewery Tours are $7 and include a tasting and souvenir glass.

Haymarket Pub & Brewery

Moonshine Brewery

Revolution Brewery Free tours Wednesday-Saturday at 6 pm.

**Take a bus tour for only $58 of the above 5 breweries from Chicago Brew Bus.

Halfacre Beer Company Tours are $10 and include tastings and a souvenir glass.


The BottleHouse Brewing Company Group tours are available as well as whisky and mead tastings.

Buckeye Brewing Company

Fat Heads Brewery & Saloon

Great Lakes Brewing Company Free tours each hour on Friday 5pm-9pm and on Saturday 1pm-9pm. Make sure to try Rally Drum Red Ale, which is named after Tribe super fan John Adams.

Indigo Imp Brewery There are no formal tour times, just stop in during bar hours. Cash only.


Atwater Brewery

Bastone Brewery If you live in the area, consider buying the lifetime membership… has some serious perks that will save you $$!

The Detroit Beer Co. This brewery is in walking distance to Comerica Park, perfect stop on your way to the game!


Kuhnhenn Brewing Company Join the “Bierthday” Club and receive a voucher for a free beverage and pizza!

Liberty Street Brewing Company

Motor City Brewing Works

Rochester Mills Beer Co

Woodward Ave. Brewers

If the Detroit microbreweries don’t catch your fancy, try hoping on a Motor City Brewery Tour to Grand Rapids aka Beer City, USA.

Kansas City:

75th Street Brewery

Boulevard Brewing Company Free tours all year round, though reservations are required on Saturdays. Samples are included at the end!

Weston Brewing Company Tours are available by reservation on Saturdays for $5 and include a tasting.


Boom Island Brewing Company

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

Fulton Brewing Company Tours are available first come first serve on Saturdays.

Harriet Brewing Take a brewery tour either Wednesday or Saturday. Tours are free and include a tasting.

The Herkimer Brewpub

Indeed Brewing Company Free tours are available every Saturday and finish with a sampling.

Town Hall Brewery

Summit Brewing Company Free tours are on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They do ask for a canned or boxed food donation though. Totally worth it for some free samples!

Did I miss your favorite brewery? Have you visited one of the places above and have something to share? Feel free!


15 thoughts on “Ballparks and Breweries: AL Central

  1. Oh, my! Loves baseball and has good taste in beer. Where were you 25 years ago?? (Heh, not even born I bet.) 😀

    I see you’ve already added Summit brewery, that’s good. One of my favorite really small ones is the Rock Bottom, which is walking distance from Target Field. They’ve been around quite a few years now.

    It’s a bit of a drive south-west of the Twins, but the New Ulm brewery is worth a visit. It’s been around since pre-prohibition (made a great root beer during), and they make some very interesting beers.

    If you let me know when you guys hit the Twins, maybe I can swing by for a round!


  2. Wow, I guess I’ll have to make the trip down to Detroit…and have someone else drive. Looks like lots of tastey beers, and who knows if I’d even make it to the game. I did the Miller tour while in Milwaukee seeing the Brewers, but that’s it. Great lists, and thanks.


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