MLB Promotional Schedules

Opening Day is drawing near and most teams have announced their promotional schedules. There’s nothing more budget than getting free gifts for attending games right? I love getting presents (see above) and seeing fireworks in addition to a ballgame. Last year my sister Jezzie snagged a Carlos Baerga bobblehead from a Tribe game. She didn’t appreciate it, but he’s my original favorite player, so I was stoked to see him added to our basement collection! There’s some cool stuff up for grabs this year, so make sure to browse some of the team’s promotional schedules and try to plan accordingly!


AL Central


AL East


AL West

NL Central

NL East

NL West

What’s the best giveaway you’ve received at a game? Share away!!!


8 thoughts on “MLB Promotional Schedules

  1. After Carlos Zambrano threw his no hitter against the Astros in Milwaukee. I made sure when to buy tickets to the game that commerated it with a small statue.
    I love going to the Cubs home opener or second game, they always give away magnet schedules. But I never have luck on bobble head day. I’ve been to a couple but something always comes up, where I’m too late and they’re all out.


  2. I would say the A’s have one of the best Promo schedules in baseball! You have a Coco Crisp Bernie-Leaning bobble-torso, a Coco Crisp Cereal Bowl, AL West Champs fleece Blanket, plus 2 other bobble heads, two jerseys, a foam gold glove, a Grant Balfour Ragin Gnome, a Picnic Blanket, and a ’69 throwback T-Shirt designed by a local clothing company. You just can’t beat that!


  3. I got this at a Cubs game in the late 1990s. It’s labeled as “Early 1930s” but 5 minutes of internet research was enough to put the date in May of 1937. The bleachers were built a few weeks later, during the season, no less.


  4. The kids really love Star Wars night the best. We make sure we hit one every season. Sometimes you get a lightsaber, or at a ‘Caps game they got a baseball with glow in the dark stars on it. All cool stuff, and Darth Vader throwing out the first pitch, too!


  5. My cousin is a hard core Dodger fan. She wants a hello kitty dodger blanket. Where can I buy her one? I want to surprise her with it.


    1. It’s a game day promotional giveaway, so you or her would have to attend the 4/17 game and arrive early to make sure you got it. If you can’t make it to the game I’m sure fans will have it up on eBay or Craigslist. There is also the possibility that it will be so popular the Dodgers might start selling it.


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