Fun Facts About Spring Training!



I wasn’t able to make it to Spring Training this year, though it’s on my Baseball Bucket List. This post from The Sports Archives and is a great compilation of the parks and some fun statistics. Going to Spring Training is a fantastic opportunity to see and even interact with your favorite players and enjoy baseball at a discounted price- the most expensive seat is only $41!

Check out the post and if you have gone to Spring Training, share your story and thoughts on the experience…


4 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Spring Training!

  1. We went to Texas Rangers Spring Training one year in Surprise. Elvis Andrus was just a rookie that year, and he gave our youngest daughter a kiss on the cheek! That made the whole week! It was great fun! The players were very accessible. I have two great memories from that trip. The first involves Josh Hamilton. Josh wouldn’t sign during practice. He was very dedicated, and wanted to get his practice done first. So he would run back and forth between practice fields, bat in hand, trailing a couple dozen kids, all yelling, “Josh! Josh! Josh!” After practice, he would hang around, signing autographs until the last fan was gone.

    The other involves CJ Wilson (odd that both of these now play for the Halos!). We caught up with him between a couple of the fields, and he was signing our baseball. We said our daughter’s first name, and she said, “He’s my friend on Facebook.” He answered and said her last name! He knew her name from Facebook! Things like that gain me the respect of a ballplayer forever, no matter who they play for.


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