Ballparks on a Budget: One Year Later

Sunday was my one year anniversary of my first trip that kicked off this blog, Ballparks on a Budget. So how did I celebrate? By attending a baseball game of course! I drove up to Pittsburgh to meet some friends at PNC Park to cheer on the Cincinnati Reds.



My first trip to PNC Park was exactly a year ago today, as I stopped in Pittsburgh on my way back to Columbus from Toronto. The Pirates were out of town but I did get a chance to walk around the outside of the ballpark. Going in is much better in my opinion! Parking around PNC ranged from $25-10, but I parked a few blocks away at a meter for free. It was less than a 10-minute walk to meet my friends at Mullen’s, a restaurant across from the park. We had lunch before heading over to the game. Matt had an extra ticket for me that they got through a cousin who is a Pirates employee. This trip was very budget indeed!


Visiting teams usually win when I attend games, so I guaranteed a Reds’ victory and it looked like it would be just that as they got out to a 5-0 lead. Then the bullpen blew it! At least the gentleman behind us was able to celebrate his 80th birthday with a Pirate’s victory and we did see Joey Votto’s first home run since last June… small victories!


PNC Park lived up to its hype and is a gorgeous ballpark and it might be the only ballpark where the view from the upper deck is better than the main level! For all of my PNC Park photos, visit my Flickr page.

For this trip, I spent $35 on food and beverages (beers are expensive at this ballpark, though the craft brews are tasty!) and $31 on gas ($66 in all). Not a bad drive, just under three hours each way and I had the fourth Game of Thrones audio book to keep me entertained!


4 thoughts on “Ballparks on a Budget: One Year Later

  1. Alicia, Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! Looking forward to more entertaining and informative posts from you.


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