Budget Guide to Chase Field

Kicking off a new series of posts that will give readers a chance to see what fantastic deals and steals are available at each ballpark as well a great splurge experience, and the “if money was no option” for all you high rollers!

Batting lead-off for this group of posts are the Arizona Diamondbacks and here are some phenomenal ways to catch a game at Chase Field:


Baseball Bargains:

The D-backs offer a large variety of budget-conscious options, including the cheapest beer in all of baseball at only $4 (14 oz.). In addition, they have several Value Items at their concession locations (Just look for the Value Item sign) that include hot dogs, soda, popcorn, pretzels and more ranging from $1.50-$4.

As part of the Value Item pricing, the D-backs also offer several items in the Team Shop all under $10, including hats, T-shirts, souvenir bats and more.

One of their more popular ticket packages is the D-backs Value Pack that includes a bleacher ticket, hot dog, 24 oz. drink and a free cookie from SUBWAY for only $21.

They also have an All-You-Can-Eat section with ticket prices starting at $30 (depending on the day of week and opponent).

On top of all that, their everyday tickets start at just $9 (depending on the day of week and opponent).

More information about all of these items is available here.

Splurge Option:

For those baseball fans that I very lovingly call “seat snobs,” this is the experience for you- the Prime Seat 6-Pack.

Fans can enjoy three games from right behind the dugout and three games from right behind home plate for only $100 per ticket.

More information can be found here.

All Out Experience at Chase Field:


Where else can you watch baseball in a pool? Gather up 34 of your closest friends and rent out the RamTruck.com Pool Experience and have your cannon balls ready!

The Pool holds about 35 people and the price varies from about $3,500-$4,500 depending on the day of game and opponent. It also comes with a substantial food credit. Chase also has some amazing suite options if you prefer to stay dry…

More information can be found here.

**Big thank you to the Arizona Diamondbacks for providing me with the information for this post!


2 thoughts on “Budget Guide to Chase Field

  1. I always wondered how you got to get in that pool. Of course, if you’re at Chase Field, you’re close enough to check out Alice Cooper’s “Cooperstown,” a fabulous restaurant just down the street a little. I’ve had the pleasure of dining their twice. Alas, Alice was not present. But the burger was delicious!


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