Budget Guide to Fenway Park

Budget Guides are a series of posts that will give readers a chance to see what fantastic deals and steals are available at each ballpark as well a great splurge experience and the “if money was no option” for all you high rollers!

The Boston Red Sox have one of the greatest venues in sports and an ample amount of options when it comes to catching a game at Fenway Park:



Baseball Bargains:

Lowest ticket price is the $12 upper bleachers and they also have standing room tickets for $20. A great option is their Day of Game Tickets available at GATE E on Lansdowne Street before every game. Perfect for spontaneous last minute plans and visitors who don’t have fixed itineraries. Fans can start lining up 5 hours before first pitch, though the window opens 90 minutes prior.

College Student Budget Options – Discounted SRO tickets and pre-game experiences.

Budget Options for all fans– Double Play Pax (2 game packages):


Splurge Option:

It’s one of the hottest tickets in sports and there’s no better way to sit atop the Green Monster than the Ultimate Monster Package. Not only do fans have great seats, but they get to watch batting practice on-field, take a tour of the ballpark, and end with a reception on the  Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck. Once back in the group’s (up to 27 people) private Green Monster section a catered meal is served. Talk about a VIP experience!

More information can be found here.



All Out Experience at Fenway Park:

If you and 9 friends have an extra $2,500 laying around, the Red Sox Limo Package is the way to spend it! A limo picks everyone up and will drive you to Fenway and a pre-game meal is eaten in either the State Street Pavilion Club or The Bleacher Bar with a trip inside the Green Monster. Your group has seats in the Right Field Roof Box during the game and the limo even takes you home!

More information can be found here.

**Big thank you to Meghan Ryan from the Boston Red Sox for providing me with the information for this post!


6 thoughts on “Budget Guide to Fenway Park

  1. Roger Angell called Fenway the greatest place in the world to see a baseball game, and I totally agree with him… and I say that as a lifelong Yankee fan.


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