Awesome MLB Ballpark Art for Budget Savvy Fans


World Series Game 1 is tomorrow and I am ready to cheer on the Cardinals! Still can’t believe they beat the Dodgers, but probably not as surprised as the actual fan base. The buzz surrounding Don Mattingly possibly not returning is crazy too!

As for the ALCS, I think I can speak for everyone who doesn’t like Boston when I say, the Red Sox hit too many grand slams!! Going to be an interesting off-season for the Tigers, looks like they’ll have to add finding a manager to the list right above a bullpen!

Also got to throw out this story– a man named Erik is going to the first game of the series for $6- now that is ballparks on a budget material!!! Always check out StubHub!, that’s the moral of this story… and make sure when you’re selling a ticket you triple check the amount ;). No word if it was an accident or an act of good will- sure it will come out soon. ***This story has been updated. The ticket was a fraud and StubHub! not only refunded Erik, hooked him up with a ticket. Sweet!!

With that out, I can share something ballpark related that I stumbled upon thanks to a Facebook friend last week- Minimalist Baseball Stadium Art. After seeing the Yankee Stadium print, I quickly did some internet sleuthing and found the artist, S. Preston Chuhon,  a Canadian transplant living in Southern California. I was surprised to find out he’s only been to four ballparks in his life- Safeco Field, Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and Petco Park.


I naturally asked for his inspiration and Preston told me, “Some designs were easier than others.  Some have very iconic elements, like Yankee Stadium and Fenway.  Others were really hard and I had to rely on social media to ping out to the local fan base.” As a visitor to all 30 ballparks, I can soundly say job well done!  Now comes the hard part- picking out which ballparks I want to buy prints of. Luckily, these prints don’t break the bank (seriously, they’re a steal!). Perfect gift for yourself and/or the baseball fan in your life- Christmas is coming!!



To read more on S. Preston Chuhon, check out his interviews with the Star Tribune in Minnesota and Did the Tribe Win Last Night blog.


4 thoughts on “Awesome MLB Ballpark Art for Budget Savvy Fans

  1. Erik is now going to the World Series for free. StubHub said that the ticket was fradulent and refunded him along with a 50 dollar giftcard. Later on, a rep comped him tickets for row CC near the Sox dugout,


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