Happy Veterans Day- MLB Style!!

Happy Veterans Day! A big thank you to those who have served and of course to those in active duty!! So many brave men and women have fought to keep America safe and allow us to live a very blessed life here in the U.S. Coming from a family that has served on both sides and now knowing Veterans my own age, I admire their selflessness and dedication to our country and our values.  Former Marine and Padres play by play announcer Jerry Coleman sums up the day perfectly in his salute:

One of my favorite things about baseball is the connection the league has with the military, whether it’s something seemingly small like offering discounted tickets to military members/vets to wearing camouflage uniforms to raise awareness and money for Welcome Back Veterans, MLB has made a valiant effort to salute and support our troops and Vets. I will never get tired of standing ovations during games to honor veterans in attendance or the times when teams reunite a family on the field. It warms my heart and makes me proud of the sport.

There are a couple of teams holding special events for Veterans today and I just wanted to point them out in case someone from the Houston or Boston areas was interested in attending:


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