Is it aboot time for baseball to return to Montreal? Some say the time is right- if taxpayers can foot the bill on a new downtown stadium (only $300 million) AND find an owner to buy a team. Just a couple of large ifs that could literally “pay off” in the long run according to a new study by the Montreal Baseball Project.

Joel Sherman and Ron Darling joined MLB Tonight to speculate on the possible return:

After listening to the guys talk about the city, I’m excited for the opportunity to visit Montreal soon! I always like exploring a new park- can add it to my short list, along with the Braves new ballpark coming 2016. Speaking of Atlanta, I asked around at the Winter Meetings what they’ll be doing with the Hank Aaron home run wall that currently graces Turner Field’s parking lot. No answers yet, but will let you know if I hear back from the team.

What do you think about the Expos possible revival? Would you like to see a thirty-first team or have a team like Tampa relocate?