Spring Training 2014 (Free) Guide: Cactus League

Well, Super Bowl 48 was a total bust in my eyes, but at least I was able to appreciate a couple baseball jokes during that Seattle blowout. Like the slew of “Manny being Manny” tweets (I’m guilty) following Denver C Manny Ramirez’s botched snap and this gem from MLB Memes:

Nice to see he got the championship out early and can now coast out the rest of that contract… haha! But my absolute favorite part of the Super Bowl? All the baseball tweet’s at the end- baseball is coming, I repeat, BASEBALL IS COMING!!!

polar vortex snow

With pitchers and catchers starting to report this week, I thought it was the perfect time to put together a guide to visiting Phoenix or Florida for Spring Training. I’ve never been, but all this Polar Vortexing (see picture above) has prompted Alex and me to plan a sister’s trip to both Phoenix and Tampa for some baseball and much-needed sunshine. From past research and talking to friends that have gone, Spring Training sounds like a ton of fun. It’s also a good way to see baseball on a budget if you will! You take the up- lower prices with the down- the games don’t count. But on the super upside, you have a better chance at meeting your favorite players with the more relaxed environment and team events!

I will be sure to share our experiences for both leagues, but in the meantime, here is a collection of sites and information on the Cactus League. I will have a similar post on the Grapefruit League later this week!

spring training cactus league

A few fun facts about the Cactus League:

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick (Rockies, D-Backs) in Arizona is located on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community reservation. (Newsday)

The Cleveland Indians travel the furthest for Spring Training. Their facility in Goodyear is 2,031 miles from Progressive Field. (Sports Archives)

Biggest Spring Training ballpark: Camelback Ranch in Glendale. (White Sox and Dodgers). Capacity: 13,500. (CS Monitor)

Surprise Stadium (Royals, Rangers) in Arizona has a merry-go-round in the right field concourse. (Newsday)

Cactus League Reporting Dates

spring training cactus league map

The easier of the two leagues for visiting, as all the teams are around the Phoenix area. Click each team below for tickets and special events/travel packages:

Arizona Diamondbacks                  Chicago White Sox                           Cleveland Indians

Kansas City Royals                        LA Dodgers                                      Oakland A’s

San Francisco Giants                     Texas Rangers                                Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds                             Colorado Rockies                             Anaheim Angels

Milwaukee Brewers                       San Diego Padres                           Seattle Mariners

Phoenix’s traveling  bureau has a whole section of their website, Visit Phoenix devoted to Spring Training. It includes a summary of the teams, maps, and even coupons and a trip planning tool. The official Cactus League website also has a Trip Planning page that customizes to the team you want to visit.

What should you expect when you attend a Spring Training game? I found a few blog posts on this subject while researching for our trip, enjoy!:

Spring Training Tips This website has tips on every team and even a place to submit your own!

Spring Training Fans

The Itinerant Fan Cactus League Spring Training

Meadow Party (Keith Law) Arizona Spring Training Food Guide (food is very important!)

SF Gate A Veteran’s Guide to Spring Training in Arizona (obviously from a SF standpoint, but has some great tips!)

Boys of Spring This is a Cubs site, but check out the Cubs’ new Spring Training facility!

Cactus-League art

Bonus! As a fan of baseball themed prints, I stumbled upon the image above and had to share! Seriously, if I lived alone my house would be covered in baseball and college football art ;). For more information on the artist and to order this print visit- Image Kind.

That’s all for the Cactus League, a reminder I will have a post on the Grapefruit League later this week!


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