Spring Training Trip Update: Goodyear Training Facility


Greetings from sunny and warm Arizona! So happy I am missing out on the terrible Columbus weather right now! The station I work for is an Indians radio affiliate so I took advantage of that connection to meet up with the Senior Director of Communications, Curtis Danburg for a quick tour of the Indians training facility in Goodyear. If you’re like me and think it’s going to be just the one ballpark, well, you’re wrong! While they share Goodyear Ballpark with the Cincinnati Reds, they actually have a massive training facility just down the street- to themselves. I didn’t put much thought into all this, but it made a lot of sense since there are several hundred guys reporting (all the team affiliates). Curtis showed me around the facility and I got to watch a ton of batting practice, which in all honesty might be my favorite thing about baseball. He put it perfectly, saying, “there’s just something relaxing about it.”

I asked Curtis a few questions about the sport and if it was at all in jeopardy, which he reassured me it most definitely was not. So you can rest assured baseball fans, our sport is actually growing and will not die out after Derek Jeter retires like some crazy internet folks might have you believe (I am NOT one of them ;)). Curtis also talked about the steps the Indians went to address fan criticisms and how the organization really took to heart the suggestions to improve not only the product on the field but the fan experience at the ballpark. Critics have accused the organization of not caring in the past, but after listening to Curtis and his sincere feedback to my questions, it’s actually quite the opposite. Yes, they have the business to consider, but they genuinely care about fans enjoying their time at the ballpark and how they think of their team. It was refreshing and exciting to listen to him talk about the changes they’ve made to concessions, tickets, and transportation, oh and how they’ve invested in the talent on the field! I felt the flutter of 90s excitement and have a feeling this team is not going to disappoint Cleveland fans this year. Get on board Tribe fans (most of you are I’m sure!).

The Indians announced their ticket specials earlier this week, so make sure you check out the attached link and get your trip to Progressive Field planned out. It is my “home” field and if you haven’t visited it yet, I promise you will love the experience! Check out my past review of the ballpark for what to check out and some advice on your trip. I will have a review up of Goodyear Ballpark up soon, going to the game on Sunday (Mariners vs Indians). Until then, ciao ciao!!

Big thank you again to Curtis Danburg and the Cleveland Indians for the tour and their time!


One thought on “Spring Training Trip Update: Goodyear Training Facility

  1. I can’t say I’m not a little envious right now. It’s -20 here where we’re at. I’d love nothing more than for the kids and I to be hanging out in the sunshine enjoying some baseball. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.


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