It’s Opening Day, Hooray! - Everyone's over here like

It’s the best time of the year!! Baseball is “officially” back today since the Reds are playing… or so I’ve been told by their fans on Facebook. But who doesn’t love Opening Day and all the days that will follow of games on games on games? AHHHH. 

I was gushing about all the baseball games I plan on going to my mom the other night and she said, “you’re crazy… that sport is boring.” So there are some things I didn’t get from my mama! I wish I was going to a game today since it’s absolutely gorgeous in Ohio right now (for how long… who knows!), but alas I will have to settle for TV baseball. But for those lucky enough to go to a game, I found some fun ticket price charts thanks to the Outside Pitch MLB blog:

opening day tickets

opening day tickets


I love charts like those and comparing ticket prices around the league. There are always a few surprises in the mix. Last year when we went to the Indians’ Opening Day, we held off until the morning of and bought tickets off StubHub! for only $15 each. I considered that a steal since the Yankees were in town! We rode the bus to the park from my parent’s home in the suburbs, so didn’t spend very much to partake in the grand festivities of Opening Day.

If you’re in Cincinnati make sure you get your free coney from Skyline Chili and to all- enjoy what should be a national holiday! Can’t wait to hear those two delightful, little words- play ball!


One thought on “It’s Opening Day, Hooray!

  1. Hey Alicia, here we go! Glad to see the Nats rally at Citi Field this afternoon, but for some of us the season doesn’t start until tomorrow night in Houston.

    Let’s look forward to a great season!



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