busch stadium

Happy Memorial Day!!! I will be spending the holiday in St. Louis with my dad seeing the Cardinals take on the Yankees! We are driving Sunday morning and will tour the Budweiser plant and check out the Hill (Little Italy) and possibly make a trip up the Arch. My dad wants to go up there, so I might put on a brave face and do it again. If you remember my post in 2012, you know I did NOT enjoy those little pod cars you ride up in… way too small a space!

On Monday we will grab some BBQ (hooray!) and head over to Busch Stadium, for what I’m assuming will be an amazing experience! I will have a post recapping this trip as well as my Chicago stops later this week. Follow my Twitter- @alicia_barnhart for pictures and updates in the mean time.  Hope you enjoy the holiday and catch some baseball as well! xoxo

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