My Pictures from the All-Star Game

Pretty much sums up the night!
Basically, sums up the night!

Here are some of my pictures from last week’s All-Star Game in Minneapolis. I had a blast attending my first Midsummer Classic… though I’d love to see a full (for real) game played with the starters, that would be intense! I was excited not only to see Derek Jeter’s final ASG but catch some players that I haven’t seen in person like Yasiel Puig. He doesn’t bat flip after strikeouts! 

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I tried the self-serve beer and it was more of a novelty item than practical. There was only one location behind home plate, so it was inconvenient for a refill once we found our seats in the 300 level.  As for the atmosphere, it was pretty corporate, but the ovation for Jeter was loud and long- I was impressed. Between the special ceremonies for Rivera the year before and Jeter this year, next year’s ASG in Cincinnati might be a little lacking in the excitement!

Now that I’ve checked the ASG off my bucket list, I’m not sure I’d need to go to another one. Like I mentioned, the starters not staying in is disappointing, though I knew that’s how it’s set up. It just got a little boring as the game went on and players I didn’t need to see started getting subbed in. Again just about my preference I suppose. If you’ve gone to an ASG, what did you think and do you watch every year on TV? I’ll admit I’ve never watched a full game on TV before, usually, I prefer the Home Run Derby. Interested to hear other’s thoughts on the ASG…

2 thoughts on “My Pictures from the All-Star Game

  1. I have watched the all-star game for decades. Many moons ago the starters stayed in longer, pitchers required to pitch at least three innings unless they were getting bombed. Mays, Aaron, Musial, those type of players often had three to four at bats. I saw the 77 game in Seattle. I don’t mind all the players, but it certainly messes up your scorecard.


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