MLB Ballpark Beer Selections- Best and Worst

Woohoo serving myself beer!

Beer and baseball, two of my favorite things that start with the letter B. I also enjoy Buckeyes and bourbon, but that’s for another day! Is there anything more relaxing and delicious than sitting at a ballpark with a nice cold beer? Nope. It’s even better when that beer is of the wonderful craft variety and you’re drinking like the locals.

If you’ve been going to baseball games regularly in the last five or so years, I’m sure you’ve seen the spike in craft beers offered at ballpark.  Last week the good people at The Washington Post ranked the 30 MLB parks by their craft beer selection to give you the “Best Beer in Baseball.” The top five ballparks were:

1. Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners)

2. Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati Reds)

3. Progressive Field (Cleveland Indians)

4. PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates)

5. Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles)

They included this awesome drop down feature that allowed you to compare parks, see where the beer was coming from, as well as how the beer ranks.

Screen shot from the article comparing the best to the worst in ballpark beer selection
Screen shot from the article comparing the best to the worst in ballpark beer selection

I wanted to believe the Yankees were better, but in reality I’m not surprised they have the worst beer selection. Guess I finally know why Robbie Cano left for Seattle, it wasn’t money or disrespect– he’s just a craft beer fan!

I was slightly surprised that some “beer hub” cities didn’t rank higher like St. Louis (20th), Denver (14th), and Milwaukee (12th).  The article also included the most popular breweries at the stadiums and the winner was Anheuser-Busch… makes sense as it’s the King of Beers!popular breweries in ballparks

There is one small hitch to buying craft beers at the ballpark, and that is the price! Now I can’t save you money on beer at the stadium, but I can point you in the direction of free beer in each MLB city:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Free Brewery Tours/Cheap Beer in MLB cities:

AL Central

NL Central

AL East

NL East

AL West 

NL West


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