Fan Follow Friday: Andrew Harts, New York Mets

citi field

Fan Follow Friday puts the spotlight weekly on one of my readers, as they share their favorite ballparks and  baseball memories. Hope you enjoy hearing their stories!! This week we check in with Andrew Harts, a New York Mets fan:

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Name: Andrew Harts

Age: 24

Hometown: Woodside, NY

Favorite team: New York Mets

Twitter handle: @AndrewHarts

Website: Cut 4

How did you get into baseball?

Baseball is big within my family so it was only natural that I would be a baseball fan. My family is pretty much split between Yankees and Mets fans so there were always fun, friendly debates.  The game itself is beautiful, I always wonder why some don’t enjoy it.  Some people like going to the movies or seeing a Broadway show, but a baseball game can have just as much drama as either of those things.


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Favorite ballparks:  

It might be the easy answer but I feel, in terms of ballparks I’ve visited, Orioles Park at Camden Yards is still the best ballpark in the game. I love the warehouse in right field.  It’s such a simplistic yet great backdrop that no other place has. It’s also been around long enough to see some pretty historic baseball moments.  OP at CY is the perfect mixture of an old-time ballpark with modern amenities.  Between great views in the ballpark to the food options, along with the grounds, it’s hard to find a better ballpark and is a must visit for any fan of the game.

atlanta braves, turner field

Least favorite ballpark:

I’d say Turner Field just because I feel it’s very generic.  The Braves have a rich history of baseball and it feels very plan as if you could take all the Braves signs down and put some other ball club logo and it’d be their home ballpark.  I’m excited about what the Braves new ballpark will bring considering all the gems that currently reside in baseball.

What is your top ballpark memory:

It’s tough to choose just one! Between acting as a fan at the 2008 All-Star Game and covering it in 2013, those are without a doubt at the top of my list. The final game at Yankee Stadium is one I’ll always remember just because that’s where my love for baseball first developed. All the memories I had there along with getting to walk the warning track before the game, it’s a place that I’ll never get to visit again physically, but will always be with me.  The final of many baseball memories was getting to cover Johan Santana’s no-hitter in 2012.  Knowing that this was something that had never been done for the Mets, along with the electricity that kept building higher and higher in the ballpark with each pitch, it was a feeling that I’ve never felt in any setting before. When Johan delivered the final pitch and I raced onto the field to capture content, I was in awe. I made sure to take a couple of seconds to look around and take in what I was witnessing right in front of me.

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Advice for fans visiting your home ballpark:

Be sure to come to Citi Field hungry. Just like every other ballpark, Citi Field features an array of food options but they also feature some of the best.  Yes, Shake Shack is a staple but you can get that anytime you’re in Manhattan. Go for the Pat La Frieda steak sandwich. A mixture of sweet and salty, it will surely fill you up. Grab yourself some Box Frites if you feel like munching after the sandwich.  If you want to meet the world famous Mr. Met and get a photo with him, because who wouldn’t, be sure to make a quick visit during the 2nd inning to the fan fest area on the field level in center field.  If you get to the ballpark a little early, be sure to really admire and take in the beautiful Jackie Robinson Rotunda and pop into the Mets Museum. It’s not huge and should only take roughly 20 minutes to get through, but you’ll get a wealth of baseball history and knowledge.

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