Baseball in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques, PR

I took a small hiatus from blogging the last week to go on vacation to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday in Puerto Rico. It was the first non-baseball trip I’ve taken since starting this blog in 2012… well so I thought when I booked my flight.

Funny thing about that– baseball still found me. 

When we landed in Vieques, a small island to the east of Puerto Rico, we were given vacation guides and I found this fun little snippet about Babe Ruth:

Vieques, PRNaturally, my interest was piqued, especially since there was a beach involved. I talked about it for two days straight before my friends got the hint and we made our way up to Bravos Beach. Quite the letdown though, it’s probably the only bad beach on Vieques:

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Not gonna lie, I was a little happy about that. Haha Boston! Don’t believe me? Check out the other beaches:

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After our oooh five minute visit to Bravos Beach, we drove through town and came across a baseball field. My friend’s husband was kind enough to stop the car so I could take a few pictures of the field:

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Not exactly what I’m used to visiting, but I was delighted to see baseball alive and well on this tiny island home to 9,300 people.  I even caught a game while I was there… well we could also see the outfield of the park from the house were renting. It was good enough for me (couldn’t talk my friends into going)!

Spot the baseball field, San Juan edition
Spot the baseball field, San Juan edition.

As we flew into San Juan at the end of our trip and I played my favorite airplane game- spot the baseball field, I felt like I received a sign for where I should take my blog in the future- international baseball. Now I know Puerto Rico is pretty much the 51st state, but it got me thinking I’d like to see and experience baseball around the world.  What do you think? Would you like to follow me to the DR, Japan, even Australia?? Now I just need start planning!


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