Next Stop on my Ballpark Tour: Yankee Stadium (Goodbye Derek Jeter!)

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Headed to NYC to see Derek Jeter play for the Yankees one. more. time. Trying to let that sink in, but it doesn’t seem possible! All the years and years of going to games and cheering him on ends today. Watching Jeter this season, I know it’s time to for him to retire, but it’s still going to be an emotional day (maybe some tears!).  I feel very lucky that I will get to see his retirement speech in person and the game– sure he won’t disappoint with either!

My sister Alex got us tickets right when they announced that he would be honored during this game, so we didn’t have to shell out an arm and a leg (not that I wouldn’t!). I also found a crazy cheap flight to New York on Expedia, so this trip is very true to my Ballparks on a Budget theme. Yes, you can save money when visiting the Big Apple!

I will have a post recapping our experience and will probably be sharing pictures and thoughts during the ceremony/game via social media– Twitter: @alicia_barnhart and Facebook: Sports Wanderlust. Give me a follow, if you don’t already!


2 thoughts on “Next Stop on my Ballpark Tour: Yankee Stadium (Goodbye Derek Jeter!)

  1. We too are going to miss the man that set the bar for professionalism and class higher than any other player in recent memory.

    Have an awesome amazing time at the Stadium today Alicia! Wish we could have been there as well.


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