MLB Postseason Ticket Lotteries and SunTrust Park Thoughts

What a rough sports news week with all the terrible social issue stories coming out of the NFL. I liked what James Brown said during last Thursday’s CBS Broadcast (video above) and encourage people to do more than complain about the NFL on social media, but help those affected and change the way we view women. Look up shelters and donate items or your time if you’re able. I know I have spent much of my week reflecting on this issue- where I stand and how I can make changes in my community and hope you have too.

I’ll get off my small soapbox with that and change over to baseball, as I generally like to keep this blog light and fun! Playoffs are around the corner!! Have you entered your team’s postseason lottery yet? If not you definitely want to get on that so you can pay face value for tickets. Visit your team’s website to enter in or if you’re a Cardinals fan, put down a deposit on 2015 season tickets to receive postseason tickets for this year!

I went on the Yankees website (I’m still hopeful) and did not find lottery info, so they’re either not as confident or not offering up that option. It’s a toss up! Speaking of the Yankees, I woke up yesterday to the delightful video of Joe Girardi getting all fired up and eventually tossed after Jeter was beaned. Yes. Hey Tampa, don’t mess with Derek!! If you missed it, enjoy:

In ballpark news, the Braves broke ground on their new ballpark, SunTrust Park outside Atlanta on Tuesday.  They also released a few artist renderings of their future home– color me disappointed! Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think:

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WHERE IS THE TOMAHAWKING COW?!! That’s my biggest complaint, but I love cows, so I’m totally biased. But aside from the lack of tomahawking cow, the park looks very generic. Remove the team’s giant A logo and it could easily be any old ballpark in America. Isn’t it a complaint of Turner Field that it lacks charm and character? Why bother spending the money for more of the same? Maybe the backlash will fuel the organization to make some changes before it’s “permanent.” Braves you can (and should) do better!

That’s all I have, for now, let me know what you think about SunTrust Park and if you’re entering any ticket lotteries- good luck!





2 thoughts on “MLB Postseason Ticket Lotteries and SunTrust Park Thoughts

  1. Got into a lottery… and now have tickets for the Dodgers in the NLCS! Pretty decent seats, at that. A friend is also getting NLDS tickets, so that’ll be awesome.

    As for the new stadium in Atlanta, it looks TOO MUCH like every other retro-classic ballpark in the US. At least Baltimore has the warehouse, Philly has the Liberty Bell, and Yankee Stadium has the classic frieze. There’s nothing special about the SunTrust design.


    1. Awesome! I wish LA was closer, would love to watch them postseason… esp if they face the Giants!

      I agree about SunTrust, they need something to make it distinct. Hopefully they’re taking the criticism and fixing it!


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