2014 World Series and MLB Playoff Thoughts

Picture from @MLB Twitter.
Picture from @MLB Twitter.

Can’t believe the World Series starts tomorrow, the postseason has flown by (too many sweeps)! I’m going with the Giants- I enjoy watching them, love Buster Posey, and this shouldn’t surprise anyone- I don’t like “Cinderella stories.” Also, I consider my birth year special since the Royals won the World Series of all things. Let’s keep that sacred my friends.

Figured I’d give you a brief synopsis of what I thought of the playoffs and see what you guys thought as well!

American League:

A’s @ Royals- Well, I did not see this coming. The A’s limped into the playoffs despite having a solid pitching rotation. Athletics have had too many good teams fizzle out in October, it’s disappointing. I was happy for Royals fans that night, the K was rockin’!

Royals vs Angels- How are you supposed to replace Derek Jeter with playoff performances like that Mike Trout??! Trout has been incredible the last few seasons and I was pumped to watch him shine with a long run in October. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case- I was let down and left unimpressed. I’m also a big fan of Josh Hamilton, but his comments after being booed weren’t a good look for me.

Tigers vs Orioles- The Tigers waste everyone’s time in the postseason. EVERYONE’S.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsRoyals vs Orioles- These are the two teams I was hoping would be eliminated, so I was less than thrilled to follow this series. Yep, I’ll admit it- I’m mad the Orioles were good this season. The AL East is for the Yankees and I really wanted one more postseason for Jeter. And as for the Royals, I just don’t care about this team. I’m sorry, they don’t get me excited. I did love Jeremy Guthrie’s “These O’s ain’t Royal” post game t-shirt, though. That was my favorite part. And the Royals winning shut up my bandwagon Orioles coworker, so that too was a plus.

National League:

Giants @ Pirates- I was rooting for the Giants since I was hoping for a Dodgers/Giants NLCS. Though I love Andrew McCutchen, I don’t care for the Pirates. They were electric last season, but I didn’t feel it this year.

Giants vs Nationals- The most exciting part of this series was Bryce Harper being frickin’ awesome!! I don’t watch the Nats very often, but I was glad they made it into playoffs and was pleasantly surprised to see Harper rise to the occasion. Take notes, Mike Trout. 😉 Again I was cheering for the Giants solely for the possible rivalry match-up, so I was glad they took care of business. They, like the Cardinals, have that team of destiny air. It’s a little intoxicating.


Dodgers vs Cardinals- What the french. Here I am rooting hard for the Giants since I thought they were the ones that were going to need the extra luck in my dream NLCS scenario. Looks like my stone cold lock was the team that needed the most help. Poor Clayton Kershaw… he’s going to have nightmares about the Cardinals all off-season! And my man Yasiel Puig… shaking my head! The Cardinals are a thrill, though! They are a postseason staple and the stuff of movies.

Giants vs Cardinals- Most exciting series of this postseason so far! I was hoping it would last longer and I’m also surprised it didn’t the way the Cards never seem to die. However, this outcome is a best case scenario for Adam Wainwright. Now he’s off the hook for carving pitches to Derek Jeter and losing home field advantage for his team! 😉

World Series:

Giants vs Royals- Again I’m going with the Giants in this one, though I’m less than pumped about this match-up. I will be curious to see what the television ratings are for it, though. Is the country as enamored with Kansas City as we’re led to believe? We shall see!


2 thoughts on “2014 World Series and MLB Playoff Thoughts

  1. The only player in these playoffs that even comes close to being Jeter-esque is Buster Posey.

    As for the a Series, I think the ratings will be pretty good as everyone loves a Cinderella sleeper team & most I would guess will be pulling for the Royals.


  2. Buster Posey is one of my favorite players for sure! I couldn’t believe Trout’s postseason, it was the exact opposite of my expectations. Guess I need to lower them! 😉

    I hope the ratings are good for this series and more importantly I hope it’s a tough drawn out series. The playoffs this year went too quickly!!


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