MLB Ballpark Updates for 2015


Please tell me you did your best Bowie reading that! For better (Progressive Field) and worse (Wrigley), changes are coming to a ballpark near you in 2015:

Citi Field, Queens:

Live from Citi. The new warning track. #Mets #CitiField

A photo posted by The 7 Line (@the7line) on Oct 10, 2014 at 9:22am PDT



Though the new dimensions have yet to be announced, the Mets began renovation on their right field walls earlier this month.  This is the second time they’ve adjusted their outfield walls in the new park, bringing the walls in both times. Maybe in 2015, the Mets will be good better.

Progressive Field, Cleveland:

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Progressive Field is getting a much-needed update this off-season, which will greatly improve the ballpark’s ambiance. Attendance issues have plagued Cleveland for years so the transformation of the upper deck in right field into an open social area will eliminate the eyesore of empty seats. Also, a more visible bullpen allows for fans to heckle see who’s warming up much better. From the rendering, the new bullpen area looks very similar to the set up at Citizens Bank Park in Philly.

As a native Clevelander and yearly frequenter of Progressive Field, I am ecstatic for my home park and will probably make a trip up to see the changes at the beginning of the season. The Yanks aren’t in town until August, but my excitement might not allow me to wait that long. For fantastic updates and wonderful pictures, check out the Tribe Vibe Blog

Wrigley Field, Chicago:

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The worst updates IN THE WHOLE WORLD began on Wrigley Field as they bring this treasure of a ballpark into the 21st century by adding a super dumb video board. See the crimes above.

If you can’t tell, yes, I’m still MAD that the love of my baseball life is getting torn up and strapped with a stupid advertisement. One of the many joys that came with Cubs games was not watching lame attempts at covering up blatant ads and not having to guess which hat the baseball was under!! End rant.

For a full unbiased report on the updates and more pictures: CSN Chicago or Big League Stew.

Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg:

Photo Credit: USATSI
Photo Credit: USATSI

The Rays are moving to Montreal! This means a new city, a new ballpark, new colors, a new uniform!!! Just kidding, but didn’t that get you excited?! With hits in management and lack of fan support in Tampa, Rays owner Stuart Sternberg has had discussions about moving the team (read the full article at CBS Sports). My opinion- DO IT. PLEASE!

Minute Maid Park, Houston:

Photo Credit: USATSI
Photo Credit: USATSI

Well this change isn’t likely until 2016, but I felt it was worth noting in this post- the Astros might do away with their iconic Tal’s Hill in center field.  Nothing is set in stone yet, and the team is also exploring other update ideas such as new bullpens, more cabooses on the train (really?), or a proper HOF. Since all this excitement is over two years away in the making, I’m sure we won’t hear anything official until the end of next season. Bated breath!


2 thoughts on “MLB Ballpark Updates for 2015

  1. Agreed with the Wrigley Field comments. I hope they get it right, but the margin for error is very large, indeed. Hope you enjoy the game tonight!


  2. We took the ballpark tour of Progressive this season, and I really didn’t see anything wrong with it, so the updates will probably make it amazing. We plan on going to Wrigley next season, and even though I’ve been there before, I would have liked the kids to see it in it’s more original form. They will probably enjoy the updates, though, and it should still be an enjoyable trip.


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